Escaped Inmate Deltra Henderson Goes To Warden’s Home, Kills His Daughter

Deltra Henderson murdered Amanda Leigh Carney after escaping prison.

Deltra Henderson murdered Amanda Leigh Carney after escaping prison.

Deltra Henderson Murders Warden’s Daughter, Amanda Leigh Carney, After Escape

Homer, LA – Escaped fugitive from the David Wade Correctional Center, Deltra Henderson, has been shot and killed after escaping from the facility on Thursday.  After escaping, he broke into the Assistant Warden’s home and murdered his teenage step-daughter.

The incident began on Thursday about 1:40 PM when Deltra Henderson, age 39, was found to be missing from the David Wade Correctional Center in Claiborne Parish, according to USA Today.

A massive manhunt began for Henderson, and included officers from the Department of Corrections, the Louisiana State Police, and Claiborne Parish Sheriff’s deputies.

After Henderson escaped, he stole a car which was found wrecked not far from the prison facility.

The search for Henderson continued, and he was found barricaded in a home on prison grounds later on Thursday afternoon, not far from the wrecked vehicle.

Attempts were made for Henderson to surrender, but he refused, and opened fire on officers who had surrounded the building and nearby area.

Officers returned fire, and Henderson was shot and killed.  At some point after Henderson escaped, before he barricaded himself, he took the female stepdaughter of an assistant warden who lived on prison property hostage, according to KTBS.

They left in the vehicle that Henderson initially stole, but he returned to prison grounds to steal another vehicle when the first vehicle was wrecked.  It was a short time later that police found Henderson barricaded inside the residence.

It is not clear yet when Henderson murdered the hostage, Amanda Leigh Carney, but she was found stabbed to death in a wooded area on prison property. According to KTBS, she was a 2017 graduate of Summerfield High School, and was supposed to start college in a few weeks.

More details on how Henderson escaped, whose residence he was shot at, and others about the incident have not yet been released.

Henderson had been at the Wade Correctional Center since June 4, 2001, and was eligible for good time release on March 28, 2025.  His convictions and sentences were for distribution of cocaine,10 years concurrent sentence; attempted armed robbery, 30 years concurrent sentence; and aggravated burglary, 30 years concurrent sentence.

Counseling is being provided to Wade Correctional Center employees and their families through critical incident stress management teams from the Louisiana State Penitentiary and the Elayn Hunt Correctional Center.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Amanda Leigh Carney.