Florida Man Arrested For Raping Baby At Chick-Fil-A After He Gets Caught, Somehow Makes It Out In One Piece

David Gray was arrested after he's accused of raping a baby in a bathroom stall.

David Gray was arrested after he’s accused of raping a baby in a bathroom stall.

Accused Baby Rapist, David Gray, Arrested

Orlando, FL – A man who is confined to a wheelchair has been arrested after he was allegedly caught raping a female baby in a Chick-Fil-A bathroom.

The incident occurred on Friday, October 6, according to WFTV.

The witness, who was not identified, went into the men’s bathroom at the restaurant and heard “some type of activity” in the stall.  He said that he flushed the toilet on purpose to let the man hear him in the bathroom.

He said, “If he panics, then he must be doing something wrong.”

He said he saw a man, later identified as David Gray, peek out from under a partition after he flushed the toilet, apparently to let him know that he was there.

The witness said that Gray had a “panicked” look on his face.  He said that he became concerned, and looked over the petition, according to Fox 13.

He said that’s when he saw Gray raping the baby.

The witness told police that the Gray apparently panicked and tried to leave the bathroom, and that he confronted him.

Police said that Gray pulled out a stun gun and threatened to kill the witness.  The witness said that he was afraid, allowed Gray leave the bathroom, and called police.

Gray’s employer, who was not identified, said in a statement that he was a daycare worker at her home.

Another witness, who was also not identified, said that Gray comes into the Chick-Fil-A at least once a week with a woman and children.

That witness said “she saw him take the baby into the bathroom, and on several occasions, he took other small babies into the bathroom with him.”

The Orlando Police Department said that the investigation is ongoing, and that it is possible Gray may face additional charges for other victims.

He was arrested on Friday and is pending charges of sexual battery on a child younger than 12, lewd or lascivious battery, lewd or lascivious molestation on a child younger than 12, lewd or lascivious conduct by a person older than 17, child abuse, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and exposure of sexual organs.

David Gray is being held under no bond at the Orange County Jail.

The baby’s age was later released; she is two-years-old.  No further details were provided about her.

  • David E Brown

    That man will not be happy in jail.

    • richardstarr

      One could hope the other animals will provide a service to society and terminate this abomination.

  • Butch

    Place his ass in an abandoned house place a pipe through the wheels on his chair and set the place on fire!!

  • Betts700

    Inmates can’t wait to throw him a big old fashion “prison” welcome party! Men who rape babies and your children, are their specialty!

  • AuteursRevenge

    smh, white people.

  • SB

    What the hell did I just read !!???

  • Jerry Smith

    I am also in a wheel chair and I have a license to carry a gun and I do, I think that if I witnessed this and the bastard threatened me with a stun gun, I would have killed him

    • CottonPickenChickeneatin

      I would have killed him without the stun gun threat on principle alone.

  • Big Daddy
  • ProUSAProGOD

    There is no punishment severe enough in this world to fit the crimes this subhuman has committed.

  • Highest common denominator

    Not surprised. What a sick fuck.

    • CottonPickenChickeneatin

      not surprised? You seem to be surprised at everything else on this site. Shut the fuck up dick brain.

      • Highest common denominator

        don’t be sensitive. You’re not surprised the person raping babies is a creepy white guy either.

        • CottonPickenChickeneatin

          Your daddy was probably that guy. Tell the truth, comon now boy.

          • Highest common denominator

            I’m telling the truth, my father definitely isn’t white.

          • Remo_5_0

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  • duder1897

    He should be raped to death.

  • Common Non-Sense

    this type of crime is protected by certain mental sympathy laws put in place by Democrats that feel/understand that certain men have urges that can not be controlled… only decent humans with a morality and heart can understand why people like this should be pushed from a high cliff onto the rocks below to suffer a “several days” of agonizing painful beyond thought death…. but the liberal snowflakes and the biblical gang members will have no part in suffering or punishment

    • jdock

      IDK why you think “liberals” approve of child rape? Most liberals I know are against rape culture and consistently bemoan the fact that rapists are rarely charged or punished for their crimes. I think you’re confusing liberals with rich white dudes who buy their rapist family’s freedom.

    • its not the liberals its the infestation of commies and socialist scumbags that are trying to put those beliefs on the country

  • Ksandra

    Wtf!! Can’t believe the woman let himand he isn’t dead….

  • Der Marm

    ….Un-anesthetized PENECTOMY + Bleed out = partial justice……………

  • Mary Taylor

    This makes me sick beyond all reason. I’m a Christian, but I have no sympathy for this filthy animal. Sorry if some think I’m heartless, but it’s how I feel.

  • C.A.

    CottonPickenChickeneatin & AuteursRevenge, would either one of you (or both) please explain to the rest of us how a terrible story about a man raping a baby turned into a childish game of game calling and chest thumping racism? Get over yourself’s and pay attention to the real problem shown by this story. NOT ALL men in wheelchairs are rapists and not all back/white people are prejudiced! Express sympathy for the baby, disgust at the man, disbelief in the society…but take the schoolyard name calling elsewhere!

  • Scott Davenport

    I have got to be on some screwed up acid to be having a trip like this…..this is lower than anything even Satan would advocate…..

    If a guy like this pulls a stun gun you don’t wimp out…you shove that stun gun up his ass and energize it ….repeatedly….

  • i would have shot him in the face instantly

  • Wade Ryan

    I am a Christian man, and I believe that God’s mercy includes Justice Just as His Justice is merciful.

    We are called to pray for all sinners. But God forgive me I am so sick to my stomach right now I just can’t pray for this man’s soul. Right now I actually hope he burns in the fires of Hell For All the Time and Eternity… And that before that happens, he burns in the showers in prison, if you know what I mean…

    I did a stint as an online decoy, collecting evidence which successfully helped identify and prosecute a number of pedophiles.

    This man truly is at the bottom of the Heap. It is a sickness. But with over 95% recidivism, it’s obvious that the sickness is of the Soul. And that means that it is born of pure unadulterated evil.

    I truly wish I hadn’t read this particular story today.

  • Moe

    No court necessary just take him behind a building. Why spend money and time on that Piece of 💩.