Would-Be Cop-Killer Danny Lipscomb’s Plea And Sentence A Mockery Of Justice For Gadsden Lt. Byram Hammonds

Lt. Byram Hammonds (pictured) was left shocked at the light sentence given to Danny Lipscomb.

Lt. Byram Hammonds (pictured) was left shocked at the light sentence given to Danny Lipscomb.

Danny Lipscomb Gets Away With Shooting Cop

Gadsden, AL – Police Officers across the nation are troubled and angry after the light sentence for Danny Lipscomb was handed down on Monday, January 30.

According to The Gadsden Times,  more than 30 Officers waited to hear the sentence which resulted from a 2009 incident where Lipscomb repeatedly shot Gadsden Police Lt. Byram Hammonds.  The officers were all upset when they discovered that the initial charge of Attempted Murder had been reduced to Attempted First Degree Assault, in exchange for a guilty plea.

The guilty plea resulted in a sentence of 10 years of community corrections, which means no prison.

Lt. Hammonds’ brother Wayne Hammonds, said that the plea sends a clear message, that “we don’t matter.”

Wayne said, “Byram and me, we’re fourth generation (law enforcement officers) and that they understood the dangers of the job.  He also said “when we’re attacked, all we have is the court system. When it fails us, who else do we have?”

Lt. Hammonds said that he feels like the law has betrayed him according to WVTM 13.  He said that the last word he had from the District Attorney’s Office was that “they would never make a deal with anyone that would try to kill a police officer.  So that was really upsetting.”

In the initial incident on December 12, 2009, Danny Lipscomb fled a traffic stop on foot and Lt. Hammonds responded to look for him.  He heard a faint noise in thick brushy area near the railroad tracks and moved toward it.  Lt. Hammonds said that he was using his flashlight to sweep the area and he heard a loud noise, which he thought was the suspect running away.

Lt. Hammonds said that he was wrong, that the noise was “…Mr. Lipscomb coming right at me.”  He said that he was face to face with him, and that he didn’t have his gun out at that point, but that Lipscomb did, a .380 semi-automatic weapon.  Lt. Hammonds said.  “I looked him in the eye as he looked down the sights of his gun and he kept coming directly at me, firing and looking down the barrel of that gun.”

Lt. Hammonds said that he started moving back and got his gun out, but he was shot at least three times before he was able to return fire.  The lieutenant said that he knew he was going to die and that he had to do something to stop the attack. Lt. Hammond shot Danny Lipscomb in the head. Lipscomb was arrested and released the same day.

Marcus Reid, Deputy District Attorney, said that Lipscomb has been tested for competency.  He said that one doctor said that Lipscomb was not competent to stand trial, and a second doctor said that he was exaggerating and faking the severity of remaining issues from his injury.  Reid said that the state decided to accept a plea in light of this issue.  He also said that he has asked for Lipscomb to serve every day of the 10-year community corrections sentence, and that the sentence would hopefully deter similar incidents in the future.

In court on Monday, Lt. Hammonds told Judge Kimberley that “Mr. Lipscomb had a lot of options that night.  He could have stayed hidden. I wouldn’t have found him. He could have run, or left his gun behind and come out. Instead of going to jail on a minor charge, he decided to kill a police officer. He chased me and tried to gun me down.”

Lt. Hammonds said that the incident has stayed with him and “there’s hardly a day that I don’t think about it,”  He also said that Danny Lipscomb was about 7 inches taller and 100 pounds heavier than him, and that if just wanted to assault him, then he could have used his size.  Lt. Hammonds said “If he’d had his way, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Reid acknowledged that the incident had a “crushing effect” on the Officer but added that “we can talk about punishment, that Lipscomb may have impairment because he was shot.”  Lipscomb’s attorney said that his client did have options that day and that now he was living with limited options.

The prosecutor replied that he couldn’t see much impairment with Lipscomb, other than he was now living with a metal plate in his head.  He pointed out that Lt. Hammonds was also living with a metal plate in his head, that he received from an unrelated medical issue.

Lt. Hammonds’s final comment:  “When a police officer is out here risking their life to try to enforce the law and to help other people and we become the victim, all we ask is that the law protect us.  And in this case, it didn’t.”

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  • Bob Taylor

    The judge and the prosecutor should both be disbarred…………

    • Angry American

      They should be SHOT!!

  • NewWest 123

    No words!

  • Stan Stein

    And we actually allow judges like that to work in a public service capacity…..the thugs are right….law enforcement is all screwed up…..but a lot more closer to the top….hell, look at Obama’s justice system in washington…glad THAT’S over

  • Paula Bodiford

    That’s why this stuff is going on now cause
    there’s no punishment. The judge and prosecutor need to put their life on the line daily. Black the Blue. Maybe Trump will change all this. It needs to be a hate crime and death sentence when you shoot or try to kill an officer.

  • Robin Hooper

    That is a slap in the face, a kick in the gut for LEO’s, my brothers and sisters in blue. Our lives matter. How this judge and prosecutor can live with their decision is beyond me. Too many good men and women have lost their lives in the line of duty. Thank you Lt. Lipscomb for your continued dedicated service.

    • Lori Nelson

      Who is Lt. Lipscomb? Danny Lipscomb is the asshole that shot Lt. Hammonds.

  • Michelle Towner

    disturbubg at best

  • ME

    Excuse me, but just because he plead guilty to shooting a Police Officer he now is only on probation? This Judge and prosecutor need to be investigated. Something is not right here!!!!!!!!!

  • LT714RET

    Wow, just wow. The judge and prosecutor just kicked every cop 👮🏼 In the US in the balls.

  • Get rid of these effing liberal judges.

  • Conservative4Ever

    As a retired police officer I find this hatred of us by judges & prosecutors extremely disturbing. A message is being sent that police officers have a target on their backs and the judicial system won’t have our backs.

  • tim


  • Paul Sullivan

    The judge and the state’s attorney should both resign. they have shown themselves to be worthless.

  • M.j. Swanson

    What’s the judges name. Look it up on facebook or whatever else you use, tell the fiction clown to do his job. This is just a chat room. He or she may never read your comments here.

    • Lori Nelson

      Etowah County Circuit Judge David Kimberley this is the judge from the trial, this is the prosecutor, Deputy District Attorney Marcus Reid. They both should be fired and lose the their licenses.

  • Alice Primack

    Our society has a need for law enforcement or we would be like the old west gunslingers everywhere. So when anyone shoots or attempts to shoot a police officer should expect to serve time in prison depending on the severity of the crime.Killing a officer should be death penalty.

  • Tony D

    This ASSHOLE should have got the ELECTRIC CHAIR BY NOW 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

  • Robert A Gabreleski

    The law is broken this is why we need Batman scratch that we need the Punisher…

  • America39

    Insanity. Why would anyone want to be a police officer today?

  • Richard Chandler

    This is such bullshit. How dare they make a plea deal in this case. Never should this have been accepted or even put on the table for consideration. Shame on everyone who had an active roll. Blue lives do matter and bullshit sentences like this send the wrong message.

  • jennifer

    I am at a loss for words. All I can say is “to all the men and women in blue, we DO appreciate you, and we do Pray for you. This is just unbelievable. How could they do this to you brave men and women. I am saddened.

  • Jeff Stone

    I think the sentence should be life. If hecwas shot while trying to kill a cop… ok.. pull the bullet out without pain killers!

  • Joellen Wortham

    Well if you ask me time to bring in people to take these people out you can’t get justice then you deliver justice in other forms this country is not backing the true America or her people so the forefathers left us a way and we need to inforce it against these corrupted people one by one by one ever so slowly ever so precise bring this corrupt people ka administration to its knees

  • Ron04

    They should both be dragged from their beds in the middle of the night and beaten senseless. Ya I said it.

  • RobWJr

    Seems like if something like this had happened to someone a cop shot, and if a plea deal was reached that didn’t satisfy the public, the Justice department would get involved and bring their own charges. Maybe it’s time for the justice department to look at this case.

  • KWB

    What the prosecutor and judge did in this case is absolutely criminal; and both should be disbarred, and prevented from ever being able to inflect this type of harm and damage on any other cases or human beings in the future again.

    There is “NO” question that the suspect attempted to kill the Lieutenant; and it was “only” because the Lieutenant was able to successfully defend himself that he is still alive today. Just because the Lieutenant was able to take those defensive actions; does “NOT” negate the suspect’s criminal attempted murder actions.

    This was not only a slap in the face to every law enforcement officer in the nation; but also to every law abiding citizen in the nation.

  • Kallen Leggett

    This is an abomination.

  • John Hamill

    There is No Way this charge should have been reduced from Attempted Murder! The system failed that officer.

  • Peggy White Krimmel

    Disgusting! I hope the officer considered civil court. God bless him

  • Michelle Butrick

    Let’s not be violent now, let’s be logical. First off the judge being forced to impose a lessor sentence because the DAY pussed out is not the judges fault. But the judge should have imposed the maximum allowed under the crime he pled to. Now for the DA, fire that fucker, your decision to plea bargin destroyed the right to justice for this brave officer and proper sentence for this criminal. Soft on crime makes tougher criminals. In closing this is a disgrace and I want to thank the men and women in blue for having the guts to go out there everyday and protect me

  • Ray Boutin

    Justice was not served with that sentence. Very disheartening that someone can attempt to kill a police officer, let alone anyone, and not go to prison. Judge and DA’s office should be ashamed of themselves and pray that karma never catches up to them. Too bad the bullet to the head didn’t strike anything vital!!!

  • Rich

    Attempted murder of a LEO should be automatic Life w/o and if you murder a LEO it should be death!

  • Jonas Blane ll

    Lipscomb is a white man. That’s why he can shoot a cop and get no prison time. This is what happens when you allow injustice to happen. This is the result of centuries of injustice that favored white men. Blue Lives Matter and law enforcement know the greatest threat to law enforcement is a white man. The greatest cop killer is a white man. Until you’re honest and realize the danger white men are to cops and punish them the way you should,this will continue. Stop the over emphasis on black people. Deal with the true problem.

  • John P.

    This is when the cops need to stick together and make this asshole disappear !!!

  • Raoul Lipshitz

    Community service? He won’t be hard to find.