Masked Armed Man Outside Dallas PD, Yelling About Killing Cops, In-Custody

A masked armed man, Adan Salazar, threatened officers at Dallas PD.(Twitter/@KenKalthoffNBC5)

A masked armed man, Adan Salazar, threatened officers at Dallas PD.(Twitter/@KenKalthoffNBC5)

Dallas PD Arrests Adan Salazar After He Threatened To Shoot Up Police Station

Dallas, Texas – Adan Salazar, 22, showed up to a Dallas PD station on Wednesday, armed with multiple guns, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, and started yelling about shooting cops.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Adan Salazar showed up at the Dallas Police Department’s southwest patrol station Wednesday afternoon and put on a Guy Fawkes mask when he encountered officers.

Officers confronted Salazar at the checkpoint. The officers could smell marijuana in Salazar’s car and they asked him to step out and they frisked him for weapons.

Adan Salazar then threw himself on the ground, started spouting gibberish. He then started yelling that he wanted to shoot officers and shoot up the police station “just to show the world it can be done.” Salazar was then taken into custody.

Salazar admitted to having marijuana and firearms inside of his vehicle. Officers found marijuana and two loaded guns in his car.

“His behavior was very erratic. He was yelling; he was just saying words,” Deputy Chief Albert Martinez said.

Adan Salazar was taken to the Dallas County Jail where he will undergo an evaluation to determine if he needs mental health treatment. He is expected to be charged with weapons and drug violations.

The security of the Dallas Police Department stations were bolstered after the July 7th Black Lives Matter terrorist attack which killed five officers.

Deputy Chief Martinez expressed his concern about the crazy armed man showing up to their station, “We have a duty to protect our citizens, but we also have a duty to protect our officers in this work environment,” he said. “They’ve got to have a safe place to come to.”

Thankfully, this situation ended with nobody hurt.