Dallas Officer Injured in Shooting, Suspect George Zapata Dead

 George Zapata shoots dallas hero

Dallas Officer Injured in Gunfight, Suspect George Zapata Dead

Dallas, Texas – A Dallas police officer was shot on Friday after seeing a shooting occur right in front of him.

At around 6:50 PM on Friday night, a Dallas police officer in plain clothes was investigating a property crime when he witnessed a shooting near the 300 block of East Brownlee Avenue. The only information released on the shooting right now is that a Dallas officer witnessed a shooting involving 24 year old George Zapata. The officer, who was in plain clothes and driving an unmarked vehicle, approached Zapata and identified himself as a police officer.

The officer immediately came under fire from Zapata. The officer returned fire, killing Zapata. The Dallas officer took a round in the foot and is expected to survive. The man that the Zapata shot before the officer involved shooting is in stable condition.

If you watch the video from NBC5 below, you can see the officer arrive at the hospital. He is smiling and doesn’t look to be in much pain.

This officer went above and beyond today for the Dallas community after seeing a shooting take place right in front of him. He selflessly engaged an armed suspect whom he witnessed shoot another person.

We’re happy to see that the officer survived an attack with a smile on his face. When this Dallas officer’s name is released, we’ll be sure and buy him a beer for being such a badass.

If you missed it, check out our article earlier this week about the Dallas Stars honoring the fallen Dallas officers.

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