VIDEO: Bar-Fight Between Couple Goes Viral After Man Ends Fight Without Spilling A Drop Of Beer – Both Arrested

A couple was involved in a bar fight which has gone viral on video.

A couple was involved in a bar fight which has gone viral on video.

Couple Arrested After Bar Fight Captures On Video

Baytown, TX – A fight between a couple in a popular restaurant was captured on video, posted to social media, and has since gone viral.

The video was first posted to Reddit, and shows a heated exchange between Garett Wilder, age 26, and Brittany Farber, age 24, in the Bayou City Wings restaurant.

In the video, Farber can be seen standing at the bar as if she’s waiting, and Wilder can then be seen walking toward her, with a beer in his right hand, and holding a carryout box of ‘dumpster fries’ in his left hand.

Farber can be seen swinging her fists three times at Wilder, as he tries to move out of her way, and he then hit her with the box of carryout food, according to ABC13.  Farber then fell to the floor.

Baytown police officers confirmed that Wilder and Farber are a couple.  Both were arrested and charged with misdemeanor public intoxication after the incident.

ABC 13 reporter Steve Campion talked with Wilder after the incident.  He said that he and Farber are still together, and admitted that alcohol played a factor in what happened. Wilder said that neither he nor Farber has had any alcohol since the incident.

Wilder said “I’ve got nothing to say about it really.  I really don’t want to talk about. She was a little embarrassed by it, but now she’s kind of embraced it that everyone has seen it.”

Management at the Bayou City Wings restaurant apparently was not pleased with three of their employees, who have been fired for posting the video online.

Apparently no one was injured in the fight.

You can see the video below:

  • Astroserf

    Wow! Looks like she’s so drunk she can’t even hit the box of fries. What a pair!

  • linda

    I don’t understand why he was arrested.

    • Rachel

      Me either. That one seemed fair enough.


        Probably CYA on the Police’s part as technically he committed battery on her and she was drunk and tried to hit him so the Police just booked em both for D&D which is a misdemeanor…Since they were boyfriend/girlfriend they could have booked him for domestic violence which is a felony……..The Police done them both a favor….!

        • ProUSAProGOD

          (Shaking my head) – can’t fix stupidity.


            No Sir ya can’t….Ya either got it or you don’t…Just that simple…..!


    Now that is a real beer drinker there…Knocked her out and never spilled a drop….Buy that man a beer on me……☺..!

    • Richard Akins

      That guy navigates better drunk than I do sober.


        lol…I was thinkin tha same thing….☺.!

    • mangonumerouno

      But…they wasted a perfectly good order of ‘dumpster fries’! That was the REAL crime!


        lol…I nebber heard of em before….?

        • mangonumerouno

          Actually, I kinda get a little nauseated imagining the greasy glop that’s probably piled on top of those fries. Yuck, maybe that’s the real crime.


            I hear ya…Might as well come out of a dumpster, huh..☺

  • Peekin-In

    So Sad……

  • Ihatehighestcommondemoninator

    That woman is probably Jennifer 0.2…

  • Christian Harold Harpenfarker

    Why was he arrested? She assaulted him first. AND… You know… Equal rights and all…

  • Craven Morehead

    Dude must be a member of the “Slap-a-ho” tribe!

  • no4morefoObama

    Looks to me she got exactly what she deserved! I’ve never even though about hitting a woman, this changes it all for me! Self defense, with fries as a weapon.