Councilwoman: ‘most dangerous people with guns are cops and soldiers’

Black Lives Matter

What an ill-informed tool looks like

North Carolina City Councilwoman Jillian Johnson made some horrible statements on her social media this week:

1396269_630x354Her post reads:

“I am all about keeping guns away from dangerous people, but I feel like more of us should be pointing out that the most dangerous people with guns are cops and soldiers, and that the no-fly list and FBI anti-terror efforts are seriously corrupted by entrapment, racial profiling and Islamophobia.”

Johnson deleted this post and attempted to clarify her statement however, rather than apologizing for vilifying the men and women who put their lives on the line for this country, she further dragged them through the mud by classifying their actions as “state-sanctioned violence.”

Screen-Shot-2016-06-22-at-11.57.02-AMShe doubles-down in her post which reads:

“This is a clarifying statement on the post on my personal page yesterday that has created some concern in the community.

I believe that state-sactioned violence causes more harm, and is therefore more dangerous, than non state-sanctioned violence. I believe this is true both because the approval of those in authority and often the general public gives a veneer of acceptability to actions we would otherwise condemn, but also because sates have the capacity to spend huge resources equipping and funding people to use force in defense of their interests. The US spends as much on our military as all other countries combined. We have the highest police homicide rates in the developed world and we incarcerate 25% of the world’s prisoners. We should not ignore these facts, or wrongly assume that those who believe that this situation is fundamentally unjust and should not continue are harboring a hatred for police and soldiers. I certainly find a great many of the actions taken by militaries and police forces here in the US and around the world extremely troubling, and I also respect the humanity of those who do not share this disagreement.”

These “facts” that she has listed are far from accurate.  It’s beyond disturbing and disheartening that an elected official took the time to repeatedly degrade America’s heroes by making these illogical statements.

I certainly find a great many of the actions taken by militaries and police forces here in the US and around the world extremely troubling”

Seeing as how I am one of the police officers that she is referencing to, and many of my brothers and sisters in blue are also veterans of the United States Armed Forces, I guess that makes me worse than the killers of the 308 homicide victims in Chicago this year alone. Click HERE to get up to date stats on Chicago’s murder rate.

The most disturbing fact in all of this is that many Americans share Jillian Johnson’s sentiment.

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