Councilman Accuses Cops Of Racial Profiling – Bodycamera Proves He’s Just A Lying Scumbag

Jacksonville Councilman Reggie Gaffney accused officers of racial profiling for stopping after he reported his plates stolen.

Jacksonville Councilman Reggie Gaffney accused officers of racial profiling for stopping after he reported his plates stolen.

Councilman Reggie Gaffney Falsely Accuses Officers Of Racial Profiling

Jacksonville, FL – Jacksonville City Councilman Reggie Gaffney and Councilwoman Katrina Brown accused the sheriff’s office of racial profiling after officers stopped Gaffney, but an investigation by the News4Jax I-TEAM revealed that not only was there no profiling, but Gaffney may have been caught committing a crime.

The incident happened Monday night while Gaffney and Brown were heading home from a city council meeting in separate vehicles.

Officers were randomly running plates, a common practice, when the plates on Gaffney’s vehicle came back as stolen.

The officers stopped Gaffney, who angrily got out of the car and confronted officers saying, “Do you know who I am?”

The officers told him that the plate was reported stolen, and he responded, “I did not report it stolen.”

Except Gaffney had reported it stolen in March 2016, right after he started getting red light camera tickets.

Confronted with his own police report about his plate being stolen, Gaffney said that he had just forgotten that his license plate was stolen, and it was later returned to him. He claims that he just never updated the police that his plate had been returned.

While officers were still on the traffic stop dealing with an irate Gaffney, Councilwoman Brown pulled up and also accused the officers of racial profiling.

Having been caught, and confronted with proof that he wasn’t racially profiled, Gaffney is doubling-down rather than backing down on his claims.

“I can see why lots of blacks are afraid of police,” Gaffney said to News4Jax. “When we get stopped, the first thing that comes to mind, no matter what we did, is why are they so aggressive?”

However, body camera video shows that Gaffney was the aggressive one during the incident.

Florida Politics reports that the local FOP president is calling for the resignation of both council-members if they won’t apologize.

“Personally I think they should vote to approve the budget then publicly apologize to those police officers. If not, they should resign immediately following the meeting,” FOP president Steve Zona said.

There are no reports that Gaffney is under investigation at this time for filing a false police report.

  • chuck334

    Typical SJW. Your laws and rules are for thee and not for me, therefore you are a racist!

  • NutherMule

    “Do you know who I am?” Yeah… you’re a lying opportunist who’s about to get mighty embarrassed in public. Enjoy your time in the spotlight, pal!

    • informativex

      “Do you know who I am?” is zero difference from attempting to threaten, intimidate, coerce, bribe or extort.
      This should be charged. If it is not, the Mayor needs to be replaced and THEN it should be charged.

    • Steve

      “Do you know who I am?”

      Yup just another lieing Turd 💩 Politician.

    • Don Payson

      “Do you know who I am?”.. hehe .. I dont GAF who you are. They are just any other citizen..

    • Brenda

      My favorite response to that question has always been ” Why? Don’t You? it usually pisses the people off and they go away

      • MamaDuck117

        Or pretend to key the mic and ask for an ambulance as you have a person who appears to be ill because they can’t remember who they are.

  • Patrick Caraway

    No offense to the police, but they won’t follow up on this and they’ll continue to get walked all over. Until someone in law enforcement steps up, this will keep happening

    • Dan Gosselin

      The problem is, this usually happens in cities, and cities are run by Democrats. If they were to “follow up” on this, as you say, then they’d be out of a job.

      • TZT

        All cities are run by Democrats? You paint a broad stroke there.

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  • Pushed to the limit

    Thank god for the cameras. Put these ni66er phucks in their place.

  • Snufy

    Council members always think they’re special and that they control the police. I have experience with that. You have to have a mayor that will back you up, but that isn’t going to happen very often. I’m glad the officer had a body cam.


    Both these 2 council people, ” And I use that term loosely ” are as lying, racist, do you know who I am, as they come…I noticed the Police video was not released, I’m sure to the liberal pro negro channel 4 news for jax clout with the city had something to do with that..I’m sure someone else picked up on this story because chn 4 would have buried it deeper than pirates treasure..Welcome to the bold new city of the South….Blacksonville, Florida..This message was brought to you as a public service announcement………………Stop Crime ~ Carry A Glock…!

    • Dawn Bell

      I actually live here. It’s disgusting what these 2 entitled cretins did! Smdh!!


        Yes Mam..It sure is…Stay alert and be careful in your travels on the streets..Crime is everywhere……Be Safe…Key..!

  • Linda Bunch

    What an A$$ hole. We don’t care who you are!

  • william

    Hope police had the opportunity to cuff them and bounce them off the sidewalk a few times. Max the fines and put on community service so they are serving a purpose in life.

  • proteus

    But he’s a politician … a member of the elite class. Too bad he has no “class”.

    • John Schwartz

      I am sure they were returned right after the red light camera summons’ incidents

  • genetracy

    A black lying? No way.


      Hard to believe, ain’t it…….I was shocked too…..!

  • Bill Harney

    It’s these kind of accusations that cause Blacks to falsely be paranoid of the Police. Those two in a public office position should know better. There first sign of ignorance is asking the Officers “do you know who I am” that alone should be grounds for immediate dismissal and black balled from any feature jobs in a public office position thinking that they have the right to use there position for leverage. Also loose his position for all of the false accusations he made to the Officer instead of being a man and own up to his wrong doings.
    Apology is not enough because he was caught this time pushing his position around thinking he deserves special privileges. We have no idea how long that’s been going on. The question I would like to know the answer to is did they take those positions to help the people or just for clout and personal gain.


      You mean they should be white balled, they can’t be black balled…….!

  • The Orion:Hunter-A Freeman

    Actually, we don’t know who you are.

  • Justsaying

    Because “stolen plates” are so frequently returned ? Who elected this jackass?

  • 95Theses

    It’s confusing. On the one hand Blacks will try to impugn racism with that old chestnut, “We all look alike, don’t we?”
    But when it suits them, they’ll play a different spade from the Race Card deck to try bullying the police in a gorilla bluff charge, daring them with “Do you know who I am?” ( as seen above ).

    So – if we afford them both of those lame attempts at race guilt – what would the correct answer be? I know it, but do they know it? Heh. ツ

  • GRComments

    Press charges against the jerk. Make a list of ALL of them. I expect that some will be felonies. Ask for the maximum. Make an example of those who abuse their position to break the law.

  • had enough

    scuse me WHO was being aggressive? Why can’t these fucking people EVER admit when they are wrong? Because they are wrong all the time. they make unsubstantiated claims about profiling, being harassed, etc. and then when this kind of shit comes to light, well uh,uh well even though I DIDN”T TELL ANYONE that my license had been returned your racist for pointing that out. And they want to know why whites don’t pay any attention to their claims? Read the story about the kid who cried wolf all the time. See anyone you recognize?

  • “Do you know who I am?” Yeah.. YER a LYING POS that NEEDS to be FIRED and PROSECUTED!

  • Carlos Gonzalez

    Being a city councilman, in a backwards ass intellectual wasteland and cerebral cesspool like Jacksonville, is kinda like working in a lighthouse during the daytime or at a car wash on a rainy day – you’re irrelevant Mr. Councilman and you behaved and acted like an asshole.

  • norinco

    BUT….BUT….BUT…They has a whole new deck of :RACE CARDS” to play…..although the police were just doing what they are paid to do….SUCH “social injustice”…They will probably kneel at the next meeting to draw attention on the targeting of blacks by police and ALL them white privileged motorist just drive on by.

  • Shane Shaw

    this is why all cops should have camera’s on them and their vehicles. It keeps everyone honest…

  • Mark T. Thompkins

    Just another lyin’ dindu nuffin

  • ruleTHREE

    Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. – Sir Walter Scott. He has called attention to his two deceits. It also seems like he committed fraud reporting his license place stolen to get out of paying tickets. He should resign just for being a fraud. She should quit for jumping on this guy’s bandwagon. She’s also an idiot.

  • minute-man

    just anther ‘entitled’ asswhole

  • Michael C Brannick

    What happened to a an individual’s Fourth Amendment rights?
    Land of the free my ass 🙁

  • Knights Hawk

    WHY isn’t there an investigation? The answer: Black Privilege. It comes from the threat of civil disobedience should they be expected to conform to the laws in effect for everybody else.

  • LAJames

    Take this story with many gains of salt. Why did it take the police a year and a half after the plates were reported stolen to stop him? From the report he filed, he was apparently driving the vehicle during that year and half. A prosecutor once told me, Cops lie to us all the time. ” I asked, If they lie to you guys, who would they tell the truth to?” His response, “I have no idea.”

    • SteveInFL

      So this guy lies and threatens them and it’s the cops fault?

      • LAJames

        Yep. When a city councilman who votes on the police budget tells you his license plates have been stolen you check out his story then not sixteen months later. Doing so would have told the cops whether the guy was lying then. Or they could have waited a few weeks to check out his story. Had they caught him in the lie before stopping him sixteen months later they could have handled it discreetly and had him over the proverbial barrel. As I said above, don’t take anything cops say at face value and remember that they’re not all that smart.

  • Baco
  • MamaDuck117

    I would be investigating those traffic tickets as well. Sounds like the scumbag was avoiding being held responsible for those two. Your plates do not just get “returned.” I vote that these two need to gagged for a month and made to write – I repeat write not type – neatly, 5000 times, “I will not lie, cheat, or steal any more. I’m sorry for being a racist, please forgive my stupidly.” Give them 72 hours to get it done. If they fail…they have to resign as councilmen and go to the police department every day for six months and scrub the insides of the police cars nice and clean for free.

  • John Schwartz

    so he reported the plates stolen to commit perjury and claim it was not his car getting the red light camera tickets….sounds like fraud by a government official

  • Peter Toth

    This is what all that knee taking is all about….one big fat lie after another!

  • Moe

    There is no way they can keep there job . People getting fired just for saying they don’t agree with blm/antifa. Or they have President Trump in background .