Hero Down: Corrections Officer Alphonso Wimbley, Wife, And 13-Year Old Son Killed

California Correctional Officer Alphonso Wimbley was killed along with his wife and child.

California Correctional Officer Alphonso Wimbley was killed along with his wife and child.

Correctional Officer Alphonso Wimbley Killed With Wife And Child

Fresno, CA – Correctional Officer Alphonso Wimbley, his wife, and young son were killed by a drunk driver on Monday.

According to ABC30, Alphonso Wimbley, Kristen Wimbley, and 13-year-old Kyan Winbley were returning home from basketball practice at around 8:30 PM when their Chevrolet Equinox was struck by a pickup truck at Highway 43 and Idaho Avenue.

Kyan and his father Alphonso, 55, both died at the scene.  Kristen, 44, was rushed to the hospital where she also died as a result of her injuries.

The driver of the pickup, 42-year-old Adalberto Carrillo, sustained injuries but survived.  He was arrested for driving under the influence and was taken to Visalia for treatment.

California Highway Patrol  Officer John Tyler said, “The driver of the pickup, 1992 Chevy pickup, was eastbound on Idaho, failed to stop at the stop sign, then entered the intersection directly into the path of 2014 Chevy Equinox.”

“We know that these collisions are preventable and we know that if people simply didn’t drink and drive, that we would prevent a lot of collisions, and specifically these kind of collisions.”

Kristen and Alphonso, left behind three other children.  “We were a family of six people and with a snap of a finger, we’re three–something so, so avoidable,” said daughter Marina.  “My mom was an epitome of love, she’s like the glue that keeps everything together.”

Kristen’s son, Marvin spoke about his step-father and said that Alphonso was a great man to look up to.  “He made my mom feel like she was the most special woman in the world.”

Alphonso Wimbley was a correctional officer at Corcoran State Prison where he was an 18-year-veteran. Kristen worked as a compensations manager at JG Boswell Company.

They left behind three other children and two grandchildren.

The community is now mourning the loss of one of the community’s most respected families.

The killer will be taken to King County Jail once released from the hospital.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Wimbley family, your heavy hearts are not carried alone.  Rest easy Alphonso, Kristen and Kyan, your loved ones will not walk alone.

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    • Greg Miller

      More than likely.

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    Execute the driver and his entire family.

  • FTW59

    Wild guess. It’s Shit town California and the name of the scumbag leads me, a retired police lieutenant from NY to surmise, it will turn out to be an illegal driving the car that killed this poor family. F Governor Brown and Sanctuary hell.

    • A1701

      How do you know he’s an illegal? did you actually see him?

      • FTW59

        Like I said. Wild guess. California is the land of illegals.

        • Jeanninne Bassinger

          I agree with your statement; these other people are probably ‘bleeding….’ I’ll bet they couldn’t get any info out of the driver.

    • Mark Markab Beckford

      what difference would this have made, if the person was here legal? you do know legal(some) do also drive drunk, this isn’t about illegals its about a damn drunk driver

  • David Reed

    Why I arrest every drunk driver I come across! RIP

  • Mo

    So horrible. How I LOATHE drunk drivers!

  • Concerned !

    My deepest condolence to all family , friends , and work colleagues , So sad and such a tragedy …….My prayers.and thoughts in this lost …… My dear brother ( Alphonso ).Your memories will never be forgotten ,Your dedication , time , and service is what summons the strength with in all of us to continue to carry on the DUTY you’ve done with pride, honor and courage ……..( RIP – MY BROTHER ) WE WILL NEVER FORGET… We got it from here ! GOD – BLESS .

  • Senseless Loss indeed, This is a case where Technology could have prevented the deaths.
    All you have to do is enforce all vehicle’s with a strict rule that no car can cross a red light even police cars except Firetrucks & Ambulances.

    Its very possible, It can be tried out at a county level at the moment with the cooperation of the people.

    • Sheila Carrigan

      What tech could have stopped this other than having to blow into a breathalyzer to start the car? Isnt a law a strict rule?

      • okay i understand your frustration but there are devices embedded into roads that detect vehicles passing over, its used for traffic planning.
        Take that a step further, At road crossing if the light is red, no Vehicle can move till green.
        Forget about breathalyzers. If a car can be turned on & off by a satnav company dont you think its also possible that a signal light can achieve the same in a user friendly manner?.

        Yes Tech could have prevented these deaths & in the future you will see it implemented. also do you think its okay to drive after having a drink or two?

        If yes than please have a breathalyzer installed on your vehicle toady as you are a menace in the making to the public at large.

  • Brn2bfree

    In Idaho, 2006, a month before our wedding, we had just dropped off my ailing 84 yr old father and was heading to the airport to come back home, when an SUV ran a red light and hit us broadside. The driver of the SUV and his passenger were both Illegal aliens, had no DL and couldn’t speak English. We miraculously survived with moderate injuries. I SAY SEND THESE BASTARDS BACK TO THIER COUNTRY!

  • Hellfighter William Jackson

    three good people gone, and now we have to house, feed, and clothe their murderer.

  • Linda Kelley Gilbertson

    You notice, it’s always the drunk fucker that survives the crash.

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    sick of the people that cause this to happens lives and the innocent die..Rip to all of them and Prayers to all their family and friends!