Top 10 Christmas Gifts For The Cop In Your Life

Christmas Gifts For

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For The Cop In Your Life

Cops are notoriously hard to shop for. Our families are always clueless about what to get us for Christmas. Whether you have a loved one that is a cop, or you are a cop yourself, here is our list of the top ten Christmas gifts for law enforcement officers:


1.ENERGY DRINKS (The Healthy Kind) 

If you are drinking RedBull, Monster, Rockstar, and other similar types of sugar loaded energy drinks, please STOP. Stop putting all that crap into your body. Yes, while staying awake working a double because there was a homicide, a fatal wreck, and a DOA (dead on arrival) all in one shift, is important, don’t destroy your body with junk. Do yourself a favor and buy a few boxes of Strike Force energy drink mix. It is far more effective and a millions times better for your body. The formula for this energy drink was designed by a NAVY SEAL. If there is one type of person out there that you should trust about how to get the most performance out of your body without destroying it, it would be a NAVY SEAL. I always have a few packs with me ready to go in my cruiser just in case. Just mix it with your favorite bottled water and you are good to go. Trust me, there is no sacrifice on taste. This stuff just rocks. Absolute must have. They are having a 30% off sale on their website through today only!


2. Cold Gear (Long Johns)

It is winter time and there is nothing worse than being stuck on that homicide perimeter outside of the comfort of your cruiser. Department issued jackets can only do so much and wind typically blows straight through most department issued pants. Every decent officer knows how to appropriately layer for the weather. Personally, I wear Under Armour Cold Gear. I have worn many forms of long john-like underoos throughout my career but I have never worn any as warm, durable, and comfortable as Under Armour.


3. Decent Boots

While I’m on the subject of Under Armour, they make freakin FANTASTIC boots. Their Valset series of boots are by far the lightest, most comfortable, and most breathable boots my feet have ever been inside. While they may not be waterproof, I have submerged them into a foot of fresh powder and still come out dry. As for walking, standing, running, or being on that horrible detail where you can’t sit down, these things are great. They are a tennis shoe in a boot’s clothing.


4. Thermal Socks

Its cold, at least in most of the country, its cold, and the only thing worse than cold toes is wet ones. Just as I mentioned above about the Cold Gear, thermal socks are a MUST have in the winter time. There are many brands and many quality ones out there. This is a brand that I wear and like because of the performance and affordable price point.


5. Leatherman or Multi-tool

Some officers keep a toolbox in the trunk of their patrol car and while they come in handy , if you don’t want to go through the trouble or spend the money on an entire toolbox, you can never go wrong with a decent multi-tool.


6. Pocket Knife or Boot Knife

Every officer MUST carry a knife. They are a wonderful and versatile tool. Many knives are designed to have multiple functions such as rescue knives. These knives typically have a cutting blade that is 3-5 inches in length depending on the brand. If you are only going to carry one knife, the blade should have a serrated section to enhance the cutting ability. They also typically have a carbon tip on the non blade end of the knife for breaking glass, this will come in handy when you need to pull that sleeping drunk out of his car after he wrecks into a tree. The blade will also be useful if the drunk has dumped themselves into a ditch and you can’t reach the seat belt release.  As for a use of force option, the knife would be a last resort for a police officer, something that you only use in desperation. (Editor’s Note: I love my boot knife with the included ankle strap, I never have to worry about anybody seeing it or worrying about it when I run, and you can’t beat the price.) No cop would turn down a good knife, they always make great Christmas gifts.


7. Outer Carrier For Your Vest

Many departments are now allowing their officers to wear their vests on the outside of their uniforms, but not all do so you may want to check with your officer first. They are not doing it so they can look “tacticool,” they are doing it because its better for your body. When you wear a heavy Kevlar vest underneath a tucked in shirt with shirt stays holding it down, its going to get uncomfortable. Being under your shirt doesn’t allow for the vest to fluidly move with your body due to being constricted to your body. This can cause lower and upper back pain. Over time, it can develop into a serious issue. Having the vest on the outside of your uniform also gives you the ability to air yourself out on those hot mucky gross days. Many of these outer carriers also have the ability to attach molle gear to them. This gives you the ability to take extra weight off of your duty belt, affording you better mobility. It also takes a hell of a lot of stress off your back.


9. Protein Powder or Protein Bars

Every cop fights the never ending battle of eating healthy while out on the streets. Being surrounded by fast food and overly expensive healthy options, it is hard to eat right. Carrying a protein drink or bar helps curb the craving for that Big Mac or whatever evil junk is your preference.


10. Easy To Access Medical Equipment 

You’re going to get cuts jumping a fence or running through the woods. Some kid is going to fall off of his bike and you’re going to be the hero with some bandages (hell yeah, go police!). Your rookie is going to get a booboo and cry until daddy gives them a band aid. Carry your med gear, you will need it to save your life or someone else’s.

These are 10 Christmas gifts that many cops would appropriate under their tree this year.

Happy Holidays and stay safe.