Convict Flinged Poo at Judge

It’s usually a bad idea to upset a judge. However, I suppose if that judge just sentenced you to 40 years in prison for robbery, then you don’t have much to lose. Ricky Hand, 46, of Springfield, was being sentenced for a series of armed robberies Wednesday and hid bottles full of bodily fluids in his pants to smuggle them into the courtroom, said Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly. He was caught on video when he flinged poo at a judge:

Allison Wichie with WHIO reports:

“If we would have followed our procedures and policies this would not have happened,” Kelly said.

Hand pleaded guilty earlier this month to a string of armed robberies. Police said he robbed more than a dozen business, many with a weapon.

Wednesday he first apologized for the crime spree and told Common Pleas Judge Richard O’Neill he was fueled by his drug addiction.

“I need help with the core of my problem, and that’s drugs,” Hand said.

Hand was facing a possible 52 years in prison for his guilty pleas to seven of the original 30 charges a Clark County grand jury indicted him on.

O’Neill sentenced Hand to 40 years in prison for the crimes, and then Hand appeared to get upset. He looked repeatedly at his lawyer asking “40 years?”

Then Hand interrupted the judge.

“Did you just give me 40 years, sir?,” Hand asked O’Neill.

When the judge replied “Yes,” Hand stood up and pulled a bottle from his pants, flinging the contents that hit his defense lawyer. Court deputies and a Springfield Police Division officer quickly tackled Hand.

The bottle contained Hand’s feces and urine, he told investigators. He had four bottles hidden when he went into court, Kelly said.

Hand told detectives he hid bottles of his own feces and urine in bottles his cell for weeks, then put them in his pants before he was taken to the courtroom.

The liquids hit his lawyer and four deputies during the attack, investigators said.

Oh, and that 40 years that he was sentenced too? You can bet it’s going to be longer as he is now facing five additional charged for the flinged poo.