Congressional Candidate to Cops, “I’ll shoot you dead”

A congressional candidate from Georgia named Mike Crane has put law enforcement on notice; if police try to serve a lawfully issued search warrant at his residence, “You come to my house, kick down my door, and if I have an opportunity, I will shoot you dead.” Crane didn’t stop there; he urged the crowd to also shoot at law enforcement officers who enter their homes. Crane is currently a member of the Georgia State Senate and he is running for US Congress.

You may think that his speech could have been taken out of context, but that’s not the case. Crane has been interviewed repeatedly and had the opportunity to clarify his statements. Each time, Crane has made it clear that he’s not merely suggesting that he might mistake a law enforcement officer for an intruder.

Fox 5 Atlanta reports:

Crane made it clear he feels no-knock warrants are illegal in Georgia and an infringement of citizen’s rights.

He repeated what he said earlier about police conducting a raid at his house: “If somebody kicks down my door unannounced they will meet with resistance, I guarantee you.”

Randy Robertson, VP of Georgia FOP, said he was angry and afraid when he saw the campaign video. He posted it along with his commentary on Georgia Fraternal Order of Police Facebook page.

Robertson, and other police and legal experts we interviewed all said no-knock warrants are legal in Georgia, and they are often issued if police officer’s lives would be in danger during a search.

Robertson says Mike Crane’s shoot to kill campaign speech is dangerous inflammatory.

“He has put the men and women who wear the badge and do the job into danger,’ says Robertson.

Even during no-knock warrants, law enforcement officers still clearly announce themselves to the occupants of any building they search. From Crane’s comments, it appears that he has an issue with all search warrants where police have to force entry. I suppose that we should all just knock on doors and then mill about while we wait for the occupants to answer; it’s not like they could be destroying evidence or arming themselves. We would expect this kind of irresponsible speech out of Black Lives Matter, not a prospective US Congressman.

If America elects an anti-law enforcement president, it looks like Mike Crane will fit right in with her.