Man With Concealed Weapon Plays Victim Just Long Enough, And Then He Unleas…

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Man With Concealed Weapon Plays Victim Just Long Enough, And Then He Unleashes On His Would-Be Robber

Unknown location – During an armed robbery, this man played the victim for just long enough to pull out his own concealed weapon.

A man was waiting in line by an ATM machine when another man approached him and put a gun in his stomach. The man being robbed dropped all of his money and backed away slowly as the robber picked up the money off of the ground. The “victim” then walked behind the lady in green to conceal himself while pulling out his own firearm. As soon as the robber looked up, he fell under a hail of gunfire.

He has a smooth draw and punches out quick with his concealed weapon, completely eliminating the threat.

This is a perfect example why it is extremely important, especially in this day an age, to legally carry a firearm and be properly trained in exactly how to use it.

Here are a few tips for concealed carry holders:

  • Know your laws. Every state is different. Just because you have a concealed carry permit in one state doesn’t mean that other states will recognize the permit as being valid.
  • Make sure that your weapon is concealed properly. Inside the waistband holsters normally work best for this.
  • Train and go to the range often. Just because you took a one-day course doesn’t mean you’re ready for a gunfight.
  • Train to fire from your concealed holster while it is concealed. Take a few minutes during your day to practice drawing your empty gun from where you normally keep it. Practice makes perfect.
  • Be sure to clean your gun. I’ve met concealed carry holders who have told me they keep their gun for protection but haven’t removed it from the holster in years!
  • Tabludama

    I just love happy endings!

    But note how the other Eloi in line calmly watch the armed robbery in progress before the victim defends himself.

  • This guy did everything right and tagged this ahole with the element of surprise. Nice shooting, sir!

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!! Saved his own life, saved lives of others and eliminated a thug from the streets. PERFECT!!!

  • Bobby

    Was it really the wisest choice with all those people around? Probably not, could have easily erupted into an all out shootout in an area crawling with innocent people. He, and everyone else, was VERY lucky.

    • Mark Neel

      Would you rather put your life in the hands of the good guy and hope he hits his mark, or would you rather put your life in the hands of the robber and hope he doesn’t get spooked, cornered, etc and decides to open up on everyone inside?

    • Someone I used to Know

      Very lucky? No, it’s called practice, practice, practice. Everything he did was practiced and methodical. His gun muzzle was only about a foot from the guy and I’m sure he had at least six bullets to work with, probably more. The chance of a gun fight was very small. So would you rather he let him go and chance the next time the thief pulls this crap, he actually shoots someone? Or gets into a firefight with a less experienced person who may actually get random civilians killed? And there’s also the fact that we don’t know what the thief was going to do after he picked up the money; criminals tend to be unpredictable.

    • Jack Reilly

      If you notice, moron….the good guy moved to an area where he could fire his weapon and not involve anyone else in the shooting area……he did exactly what he was trained to do……and no one else got hurt…ONLY the BAD guy.

  • Someone I used to Know

    Wow! He really knew what he was doing. The thief had no idea the guy was drawing on him until he already had a bullet in him. Note how he doesn’t drop his guard afterwards and checked the area for other threats who might be working with this guy.

  • Michael Prince

    This video is years and years old. I’ve watched it several times.

  • Jack Reilly

    Reminds me of a hit song by Queen, “Another one bites the dust”……excellent – get a gun, train and carry….period.