Columbus Ohio Police Are Under Fire

Columbus Ohio Police Are Under Fire

Columbus Ohio Police are Under Fire

Columbus Ohio Police Under Fire

BREAKING: We are receiving numerous reports that Columbus Ohio Police are under fire.  A gunman with a rifle is allegedly shooting at officers.  The motivation behind the shooting and the status of all involved is unknown at this time.

Witnesses have Tweeted that the shooting is currently ongoing.

Officers under attack from rifle fire,” the message on Columbus Police Dispatch said. No official confirmation has yet followed. Officers could be heard on the radio coordinating a large perimeter. One officer could be heard advising other officers that they were in a potentially dangerous spot.

police scanner

Columbus Ohio Police Scanner

The hashtag #bluelivesmatter, referring to targeted police officers, has appeared on Twitter in support of the officers involved in the incident.

The state of Ohio is currently hosting the Republican National Convention. The shooting may possibly be related to the convention but it is unknown at this time. Protesters have been gathering all week in Ohio and protesting throughout the state. Some of the protesters were stopped by police while attempting to burn the American flag and a heated physical altercation occurred.

Several notable events have occurred recently which have been attributed to inciting nationwide unrest and violence against police. The most notable of events have been the justifiable shooting of Alton Sterling and the shooting of Philando Castile.