Indianapolis Colts Matt Overton’s Wish For Police In 2017

Indianapolis Colts Matt Overton supports police.

Indianapolis Colts Matt Overton supports police. (Jeffrey Beall)

Colts Matt Overton Voices Support For Police

Indianapolis, IN – The Indianapolis Colts Matt Overton tweeted his support for America’s police officers in 2017, while acknowledging a tough year in 2016.

The Indianapolis Colts Matt Overton is certainly no stranger to showing that he stands by the men and women in the law enforcement community. On New Years Eve, Matt Overton sent a tweet from his official Tiwtter account and directed it to, “The men and women of our law enforcement.” The tweet read,

“Thank you for all that you do. Those who wear that badge day in & day out, for all the right reasons, have my upmost respect and support. 2016 was a tough year. I pray that 2017 brings peace & safety for all. May we all continue to do our part in helping to bridging the gap and tension between police & community. We all have a role. Keep kicking ass out there & keep doing what’s right.”

Back in late November of 2016 we published an article revealing how Overton intended to show his support for murdered hero Deputy Dennis Wallace. Matt Overton tweeted that he would be wearing cleats in honor of fallen hero, Deputy Dennis Wallace, E.O.W. 11/13/2016 who was executed in Overton’s home state. In that article we also included a tweet from NFL Quarterback Matt Overton’s official Twitter account that read:

“Wearing Thanksgiving night in honor of fallen Deputy Dennis Wallace.  Sending my thoughts and prayers back home to his family.” #ThinBlueLine


The Indianapolis Colts’ Matt Overton followed that tweet with a picture of him actually wearing the cleats on the field prior to the game and it read,

“So much to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!”

As we previously reported, Colts Matt Overton is a familiar face around the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Indiana State Police and FOP Lodge #086. Whether he is doing a ride-along, dropping off donated items for different charity causes or even participating in some of their training, he makes sure that local law enforcement knows that they have a friend on the field.

Overton signed with Seattle Seahawks in 2007 and came on to the National Football League as a free agent. During a lull in his career, he spoke candidly with his dad about pursuing his dream of law enforcement in 2011.  It was the very next season that Overton signed on with the Indianapolis Colts and decided to put that dream on hold…for now.

We can’t adequately describe how much this means to all the men and women in Law Enforcement across this great country. On behalf of the entire Thin Blue Line, we say thank you to the Colts Matt Overton! You, sir, are certainly a member of this family.

We know there are millions of like-minded police supporters across the nation, and we try recognize all the amazing acts of kindness and support you all do for police as often as we possibly can. Thank you America!

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