CNN Reporter Carol Costello Forced To Apologize For Misleading Black Lives Matter Storyline

CNN reporter Carol Costello was forced to apologize for editing a video to be intentionally misleading.

CNN reporter Carol Costello was forced to apologize for editing a video to be intentionally misleading.

CNN Reporter Carol Costello Forced To Apologize For Misleading Black Lives Matter Storyline

CNN reporter Carol Costello was forced to apologize after she was caught editing a report to be intentionally misleading. The report concerned the needless violence that ensued in Milwaukee, Wisconsin after 23-year-old Sylville Smith was shot when he pointed a stolen handgun at police. Costello intentionally excluded information to change the narrative of what happened.

I’ll wait for your shock to subside before I continue.

During a segment entitled “Residents Try to Heal,” CNN took a clip of Sherelle Smith — sister of the deceased criminal — and gave their viewers the impression she was calling for peace, not violence.

“Don’t bring the violence here and the ignorance here,” Smith is heard saying during CNN’s version.

However, an unedited video of her remarks soon began to circulate online, revealing not only the rest of Smith’s speech but the vast difference between her actual message versus the cherry-picked CNN propaganda.

In the unedition version, Smith was recorded saying the following to the rioters:

“Burnin down shit ain’t going to help nothin! Y’all burnin’ down shit we need in our community. Take that shit to the suburbs. Burn that shit down! We need our shit! We need our weaves. I don’t wear it. But we need it.”

Okay, I’ll give it to CNN – the first two sentences did sound like a call for peace.  Not burning down businesses or destroying property sounds like a pretty good idea, and it gives legitimacy to the family of the criminal – it’s everything the media is looking for.  But then we move on to the next six sentences and….well, looks like we’re back into the normal Black Lives Matter agenda.

Users of Facebook and twitter spread clips of a side-to-side comparison to show how CNN chose to ignore the hateful comments and only paint Smith in a positive light. With knowledge of the incident spreading quickly — thanks to vigilant citizens on social media — CNN anchor Carol Costello made an on-air apology Wednesday.

“I regret the second part of that statement was not included,” Carol Costello said before cutting to commercial break.

At what point will the media learn that the truth, despite the best efforts to conceal it, will always come out?  Probably never, which is why we need check the facts as best we can.


  • supr squirrel

    She regrets getting caught. She was in idiot for doing it in the first place. I’d seen the full video on at least three sites I follow before the CNN clip ever appeared in the wild. She didn’t think someone would call her out on it? She should do more than apologize…she should at least be suspended for trying to ‘make’ news. There are thousands of morons out there who saw her report and will believe it and use it as justification for BLM and will never see her apology.

    • Nick Hall

      Was going to say the same thing. If someone apologizes before they get caught i will take it as sincere but if you do so after your “mistake” is exposed and you apologize then to me it is a cop out. Making someone tell apologize is fake as fuck!

    • June Swinford

      Except she didn’t actually apologize. “I regret X” doesn’t mean she’s sorry. It means she wishes she hadn’t done it, which isn’t the same thing.

    • Franxesca

      She is a disgrace, boring, and bias.
      They should get rid of her!

      • rockysan

        Why would CNN want to get rid of her? She followed the company line of defining what they want us to hear regardless of the ethics and morality. No, CNN won’t do a thing to her. More is the pity.

  • boogimn3

    For a journalist to deliberately lie to affect the intent of a quote is the worst crime in the business. Most of these liberal writers today have committed the capital crime of intentionally lying and should be fired. This is the basic tenet we were taught in Journalism school.

    • Melanie Osinski

      They should be jailed!

    • Gamer

      Would you expect more from the Clinton News Network?

    • Franxesca

      We need to hire some of the Journalists that were working at Al Jeezeara!

  • Susan Cadwell

    CNN is such a joke. Unfortunately it is still a channel that too many people watch and trust. Our media is biased – we now know that both CNN and MSNBC is owned by the democratic party – thankfully that all came out in the DNC email leak. Clearly it hasn’t changed their ability to tell the truth and simply report the news, rather than spreading democrats “news” stories… pathetic.

    • William Smith

      Sad thing, Fox news is trending liberal too !

    • Franxesca

      We all think so!

  • ฿rian

    “Smith was shot when he pointed a stolen handgun at police.”
    First I have heard of this. What is the source that said he “pointed” the gun?

    • Jack Reilly

      U a BLaMer, son?

      • ฿rian

        no, answer the question

        • Robert Denis

          The question was answered now you need to equivocate.

    • Robert Denis

      An autopsy showed Sylville Smith, who authorities say was holding a gun when a Milwaukee police officer fatally shot him last Saturday, suffered one gunshot wound to the chest and one gunshot wound to the right arm, according to the Milwaukee County medical examiner’s office.
      The medical examiner’s office is not releasing any reports related to Smith’s death, which remains under investigation by the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation.

      • ฿rian

        that was not my question.
        if the guy had a gun in his pocket when he was shot it was not a clean shoot. if he had a gun in his hand that is a different story. if he pointed the gun at the (black) cop like was claimed here it is a open and shut case.

        wheres the video?

        • Robert Denis

          who authorities say was holding a gun , duh

          • ฿rian

            well pointing a gun as this author claimed and holding a gun are two diffrent things but legally it is better for the cop than if the guy just had a gun in his pocket or something.
            usually the police are quick to release videos that help them and procrastinate and obstruct release when the video shows wrong doing. where’s the video?

  • jill Schaefer

    She was made to apologize why was she not fired….i mean honestly….isnt there enough ignorance goin on enough is enough and shes gonna add her ignorance to it my #1 question is….why is she still wrkn there…

  • James Curtis

    That is not journalism on any level. Taking a person attempting to incite mayhem and violence against innocent people and presenting her as a pacifist is shaping the narrative you want rather than the truth that is. It is willful, contemplated distortion. If this journalist is willing to fabricate a false narrative on an issue that threatens lives, homes, and businesses then she’s pretty much willing to lie about anything. It’s another zero credibility “journalist” who is driven by an agenda to the point she is willing to leave others at risk. She should move on to another career, one where she does not have a voice and platform to spread lies to millions of people.

    • Franxesca

      So true!

  • Man, That’s just mean

    they did the same thing here in LA on the ABC7 “news” broadcast. I’ll sent them an email and posted on their twitter and FaceBook page about how they twisted the story and basically lied about what really happened.

  • Karl Spencer

    Not surprised. Most Americans would be shocked if they knew the truth behind the lies of the mainstream media.

  • Gamer

    Why hasn’t she lost her job? If that happened on Fox News they’d be screaming for a firing and it would likely happen.

  • Phil Wojtalewicz

    CNN = Communist (THEIR) News Network

  • Tom1003

    One thing is perfectly clear – black lives do not matter to “BLACK LIVES MATTER” – if they did they would be confronting these issues instead of
    ignoring them completely.

    It would take 40 yrs of blacks killed by police to equal blacks killed by blacks every year.

    Less than 400 people are killed by cops – 61% of them are white men – 32% are black males.

    Black men are 6.5% of the population but they commit 52% of all murders.

    Looking at all violent crime blacks are 27% more likely to attack whites and 8 times more likely to attack Hispanics.

    90% of blacks who die of murder do so at the hands of other blacks – these are FBI statistics.

    74% of black children are raised without fathers – promoted by government programs that reward single black mothers for having more and more
    children while single/unmarried.

  • Leona Moir Course

    Why in the hell are apologies enough to take care of all wrong doings? We are lawless and we need to change that ASAP! The freaking rules are plaid here!

  • Hank James

    Carol Costello is a moron first class.

  • Vapetrail

    is a racist old lady … Get her old face off of the tv … She should be fired for reporting her opinion and not the news … Her and her employer both shoulb be banned from ever reporting national news ever again.. You may be a rich old lady … But you are still a POS OF AN OLD LADY ….