We Got Him! Clown Sighting Arrest

A nefarious clown has been arrested after a string of clown sightings.

A nefarious clown has been arrested after a string of clown sightings.

We Got Him! Clown Sighting Arrest

Middlesboro, Kentucky – After a series of creepy clown sightings throughout the east coast, this unidentified hero Middlesboro Police Officer has captured a suspect.

Jonathan Martin, 20, was arrested in full clown gear in Middlesboro, Kentucky at around 1 AM on Friday. Martin was reportedly “causing public alarm” near the Cumberland Village Apartments when he was seen crouching in a wooded area and running towards vehicles. He was charged with wearing a mask in a public place and disorderly conduct.

Police have been dealing with clowns for years, but the latest rash of sightings along the east coast is binging the phrase to a whole new level.  Most recently, Police in Maryland have proven that the reports were just the kids clowning around.  However, arrests have been made in southern states related to sightings and threats directed at local schools.

Four kids came forward this week also claiming to see clowns in Annapolis, MD.  This group, ranging in age 4 to 9 years old, each reported seeing a man wearing a clown outfit creeping along their path to school.

On Monday, Annapolis police put out a bulletin for parents to be aware and cautious of the sinister characters lurking around town.  The bulletin, in conjunction with the reports, covered several areas and neighborhoods around the Annapolis area.

However, police in Maryland were able to access surveillance footage of several points of interest related and were unable to substantiate any of the allegations.  And today, police released a follow-up bulletin that the clown stories were indeed made up.

In late August we reported on similar sightings in the southeast.   Police in Greenville, SC received several reports from alleging that a man wearing circus type clown attire was living in the woods.  A man in clown attire was purported to have arrived a at playground, only to be ran off by the kids at which point the clown raced away in a dark vehicle.  Another occasion, a mom reported to police that her child was in the woods and saw a man wearing a black jacket and clown mask.  One, even more alarming, was a subject whispering to kids playing in the woods.

Parents believe that their may be one sole subject responsible for all the sightings and advised police that he lives in an abandoned house in the county near a popular wooded fish pond.  These claims have not been substantiated.

Other claims are being made in North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama.

Recently, a related Facebook page, under the name Bingerman Clownferd, was created (and recently deleted), threatened to arrive at several Montgomery Alabama schools, listing each of them in one post hinting at violence targeting students.  Police in Alabama have arrested 5 people in total, confiscated masks, and charged some with making threats to the schools.

School officials in Montgomery said , “It’s the first time I remember anything associated with clowns but it’s no laughing matter.”

As dry as they are, they clearly see the lighter side.