Cleveland Students Demand Control Over “Riot Police”, University Submits

Cleveland Students Demand Cops Leave Campus

Cleveland Students Demand Control Over “Riot Police”: Actual image of student having a tantrum over scary cops

Cleveland Students Demand Control Over “Riot Police”, University Submits

Students at Case Western Reserve University expressed their dislike of police officers by submitting a petition to university administrators; just wait until you see what their demands were.

Case Western Reserve University had agreed to house approximately 2,500 law enforcement officials working the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week. Some students have expressed concerns over their safety, despite the fact that officers are not there for enforcement purposes on campus. This sort of entitled whining over nothing is exactly why parents need to spank their kids.

What is even more frustrating is that University President Barbara Snyder apologized to her students for agreeing to house police without first asking their permission. When a 2-year-old throws a tantrum because they don’t get what they want, do you apologize to them and coddle them because their feelings are hurt? President Snyder doesn’t appear to have the grit to stand up to a small population of students who are throwing a tantrum of their own. College administrators in this country are losing their backbone.

Officers have traveled from all over the country to help secure and defend a city that isn’t even their own. These officers are working long days away from their families while in a very stressful environment. The minds of our future have been polluted with the anti-police media narrative that is running rampant within our country. Students should be thanking those officers for keeping their city safe. Shame on those students.

The petition states:

Whereas Case Western Reserve University leadership has stated that the University will allow 1,500 riot police to stay in student housing during the Republican National Convention;

We, the faculty, staff, employees, alumni, students, community members, and friends of Case Western Reserve University hereby petition the campus administration to ensure that:

1) Riot police store all weapons, equipment, and riot-control gear off campus;

2) Riot police refrain from entering University-owned buildings, with the exception of their assigned residence halls;

3) The University informs riot police that they do not have jurisdiction on campus and that they shall contact campus police in case of emergency;

4) Riot police refrain from using alcohol or other mind-altering substances for the duration of their stay;

5) Riot police expressly consent to abide by University conduct regulations including, but not limited to: antidiscrimination, sexual harassment, substance abuse, and weapons policies;

6) The University bans from campus any riot police officer that violates University conduct policies;

7) The University informs the campus community of the following details by July 1st:

·  The residence halls to which the riot police will be assigned,

·  The dates and times the riot police will be on campus, and

·  The details of the campus security plan to protect the rights and safety of the campus community during the RNC;

8) The University offers alternative housing arrangements for students in University Summer Housing who request reassignment for the duration of the stay of the riot police;

9) The University provides a mechanism for the campus community to report incidences of riot police misconduct.

The petition keeps referring to “riot police” as if they are some individual branch of the government that has come in to take control of the area. Despite widespead media coverage and the current anti-police environment, the petition has still failed to meet its goal of 500 online signatures. That didn’t stop this University from caving in to the whiners though.