BREAKING – Hero Down: Cleveland Officer Killed With Suspect On The Run

A Cleveland, Ohio officer was killed Tuesday morning.

A Cleveland, Ohio officer was killed Tuesday morning.

Cleveland Officer Killed

Cleveland, Ohio – A Cleveland officer was killed on Tuesday morning when a car hit him on west I-90 near Warren Road.

The unidentified officer was working at a collision scene between a firetruck and a van. A white Toyota Camry then barreled through, striking the Cleveland officer, and immediately fleeing the scene.

Cleveland PD released the following statement:

Today at approximately 6am, a Cleveland Police Officer was struck by a vehicle on I-90 westbound just west of Warren Road. The vehicle that struck the officer did not stop and is possibly a white Toyota Camry with heavy front end damage. The partial plate information reads as GTD (possibly).


Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams has a message for the suspect, “Either this person turns themselves in or we find them.”

Our thought and prayers are with the fallen officer’s family and the Cleveland Police Department. We had no doubt that every available resource will be used to locate this suspect and bring them to justice.

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