Cleveland Police Officer’s Toddler Dies in Tragic Shooting

A Cleveland Police Officer's 2-year-old shot himself.

A Cleveland Police Officer’s 2-year-old shot himself.

Officer Jose Pedro’s Toddler Shoots Himself

Cleveland, Ohio – A Cleveland police officer’s toddler was killed in an tragic shooting in their home on Library Avenue last Friday at 10:30 AM.

Police responded to the home of off-duty Cleveland police officer Jose Pedro’s home located on Library Avenue Friday at 10:30 AM. A witness told news sources that the older brother of Officer Jose Pedro’s 2-year-old son ran into the street making pleas for help, yelling, “Somebody call police. My brother shot himself!” The witness went inside the house and reportedly said, “When I went in there, I saw that baby, he was only 2-years-old laying on the floor.”

The toddler was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center, and was pronounced dead.

Officer Jose Pedro has been with the Cleveland Police Department since 1993.

FOX8 WGHP posted a picture on Twitter of police investigators standing on the porch of a house that had a snow-covered roof and the American Flag hanging in front.

Our hearts and prayers go out to this family who are undoubtedly having a difficult time dealing with this tragedy, especially over the Christmas holidays when children are supposed to be enjoying new toys and presents.

This tragic incident reinforces the need to always use proper gun safety precautions in the home, including safe storage of all firearms.

In November a Lincoln County sheriff’s deputy was fired after accidentally shooting her 11-year-old daughter while off-duty. Misty Flowers reportedly had friends over to her house and was showing off her firearm when she accidentally discharged the weapon resulting in a bullet traveling through a wall and striking her 11-year-old daughter in the abdomen. News sources reported the daughter is expected to recover, but the former Lincoln County sheriff’s deputy’s career is likely over. The State Bureau of Investigation is reportedly investigating the case.

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