Chris Brown “It’s Always Gonna Be F— the Police, Black Lives Matter”

chris brown

Chris Brown, the singer that put Rihanna in the hospital after violently beating her (Instagram)

Chris Brown “It’s Always Gonna Be F— the Police, Black Lives Matter”

UPDATE: Chris Brown is currently in an active stand off with SWAT; refusing to exit his Tarzana mansion. 

“I’m not coming out … it’s always going to be f— the police. Black lives matter,” “Good luck when you get the warrant or whatever you need to do. You’re going walk right up in here, and you’re going to see nothing, you idiots.”

Las Angeles, CA – Singer Chris Brown allegedly pointed a gun at a woman then made a video slamming the police.

LA Times reports that Singer Chris Brown is wanted for questioning by police after a woman reported that he pointed a gun at her on Tuesday morning. LAPD Officers responded to Chris Brown’s mansion after a woman called for help. The woman stated that Brown pointed a gun at her during a violent rage.

LAPD Officers knocked and Brown told them to go get a warrant, which is exactly what they plan on doing. The story is still ongoing, the latest reports state that Brown’s attorney and an LAPD tactical warrant unit were in route to his house.

This is the same Chris Brown that beat up his girlfriend Rihanna, putting her in the hospital in 2009. Brown only served 1,000 hours of community service for the incident.

The video below was posted to Brown’s Instagram account this morning. In the video  you can see Brown stating “It’s always going to be fuck the police, black lives matter”. He then states “y’all the biggest gang in the world”. This is ironic coming from a man that has been in the news several times for assaulting women. Not to mention, he has been rich since the old age of 15.