Another Deadly Weekend in Chicago, Still No Riots

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Another bloody weekend for Chicago

Another Deadly Weekend in Chicago, Still No Riots

Chicago, IL – The violence in Chicago is only getting worse and we’re still wondering where the protests, outrage, and riots are.

This weekend (9/10/2016 – 9/11/2016) 5 people have been killed and 22 people have been wounded in Chicago shootings. Saturday evening a 23-year-old man was standing inside his home when two men walked up and shot him dead. Saturday night, a man was shot and wounded while driving around the Pullman neighborhood. Later that night, another man was shot dead while driving through South Langley. This morning at around 3:40 a.m., a 15-year-old boy was shot and wounded while asleep in his home.

Guess what? Police didn’t shoot any of those people.

Last weekend pushed the murder count in Chicago to over 500 people. That’s 500 people so far this year. How many people were killed by police this year in Chicago? Less than 10.

Let’s break this down a little bit. In Chicago

  • On average, a person is shot every 2 hours
  • A person is murdered every 12 hours
  • Police killed 6 people and wounded 12 this year
  • 397 black people were victims of homicides

Labor day weekend saw 65 people shot in Chicago with 13 dead. The murders on labor day weekend include an 80-year-old retired pastor who was shot in his face outside of his nursing home. It includes a 47-year-old man who was walking his dog and was shot in a drive by and a 44-year-old man who was driving down the street who was shot in the head, neck, and back.

It has gotten so bad that some Chicago residents are hiring off duty patrol officers for the extra security in their neighborhoods.

397 of the 500 victims are black people. Still, no riots were seen protesting the innocent people gunned down. No statements were made by Black Lives Matter denouncing all the violence in poor black neighborhoods.

Looks like Black Lives still only matter when the police are involved.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and families of all those affected by the violence in Chicago.