Chicago Police Officer Shot, Heroes Return Fire

Chicago Police Officer Shot

Chicago Police Officer Shot

Chicago Police Officer Shot

BREAKING: A Chicago Police officer was shot in the lower body. Fellow police officers raced this hero to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

The shooting occurred about 8:15 p.m. near Calumet Avenue and East 18th Street in the South Loop. Witnesses have stated that the officer was on bike patrol in the area.

The police officer and his partner approached a man acting erratically and asked him to hang up his phone so they could talk to him. The subject reached into his backpack and pulled out a gun and shot the officer in his upper thigh. Due to medical training, the officer was able to apply a tourniquet while his partner applied pressure.

These heroes stayed in the fight, returned gunfire, and were able to walk away with their lives.

The suspect was shot and taken to the hospital, as of now it is unknown what his condition is.

A witness said she was walking her dog when she observed “a guy getting drunk” near some girls playing volleyball.

“Two minutes later, I heard a lot of gunshots” she said. She estimated eight to nine shots.

Other witnesses came forward stating they heard gunshots and “loud bangs” as well.

With the current climate developing into a war on police, we hope that this was not another ruthless attack on police due to media hysteria and sensationalism.

Please keep this hero in your thoughts and prayers.