Chicago Gangs No Match For Cops

Chicago gangs

Latin Kings gang member flashes gang signs while displaying colors.

Chicago gangs no match for cops – Gang bust nets 62 Latin Kings leaders and other members

Chicago, IL and Northern Indiana

Approximately 62 members of the Latin Kings in Chicago, IL, and Northern Indiana were charged with federal crimes ranging from racketeering to attempted murder of a police officer. Law enforcement personnel arrested most individuals involved with only a few remaining as fugitives.

The arrests and charges were the product of two indictments out of Chicago and one out of Indiana. Law enforcement representatives stated, these arrests were related to the increase in violence in the region and should be a blow to the Almighty Latin King Nation that operates nationwide. When pressed for whether this will reduce the recent spike in violence in the Chicago area, law enforcement stated, there was little data to determine if this would make a significant reduction, but believe that any blow to a gang will reduce violence overall.

Prosecutors stated, the Latin King leaders had given the green light to kill any rival gang member and those that associate with them. One example given was of a bar in Hammond, IN, that was serving rival gang members. The Latin Kings allowed a drive by shooting on the establishment, resulting in the death of one person.

There was also an attempted murder of a Melrose Park police officer in 2014 who was working with the FBI. The attempted hit was by a Latin Kings soldier from “M-town,” the gangs moniker for the Maywood and Melrose Park region.

Those captured included “Incas” (top leaders), regional commanders, and others that would be considered soldiers.

Unfortunately, this will not stop the ever rising death toll that plagues the city; Chicago gangs murder each other more than in any other jurisdiction.