School Invites Veterans To Football Game So Cheerleaders Can Protest Anthem In Front Of Them

cheerleaders protest

Cheerleaders protest during the national anthem in front of American Heroes

School Invites Veterans To Football Game So Cheerleaders Can Protest Anthem In Front Of Them

A school superintendent is under fire for an appalling set-up of a military veteran color guard as school cheerleaders protest the national anthem.

Aaron Thomas is the superintendent of Cornell School District in Coraopolis PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh. According to reports, Thomas invited members of the Coraopolis chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars to serve as the color guard during the National Anthem at a September 30th high school football game.

During the National Anthem however, twelve of the fifteen cheerleaders took a knee, following the lead of San Fransisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Reports later surfaced that Thomas knew that some of the cheerleaders would protest prior to the game and did nothing to stop their hurtful and misguided actions while in the presence of the veterans he invited. He just left our country’s heroes to be ambushed by his students’ disrespectful actions.

Danny Larocca, a World War II veteran and member of the color guard, held back tears as he told WPXI in Pittsburgh, “To see them do that and disgrace Coraopolis and that school, it made me sick. My friends and everybody else that served in the service, they have that right to be respected. We love our flag very much. We fought for it.”

Thomas initially showed little remorse when asked later about the protest, telling WPXI in Pittsburgh, “This is a classic case that dates all the way back to the sixties and symbolic speech is protected speech.” Thomas said he was aware that some would participate in the protest prior to the event, then almost defiantly added, “Ideally could this have happened on another night? Yeah, but it happened the night that it did.”

However, as the superintendent came under increased scrutiny and criticism fueled by a video depicting the event that went viral, Thomas seemed to change his tune. He told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that the school district had received more than 600 angry telephone calls and email messages from all over the country. “It ripped apart the community, ripped apart my household”, Thomas said, claiming that he and is family had been receiving threats.

As a result from the criticism of the “protest”, as a safety precaution, the homecoming events scheduled for the October 14th home game was postponed and the game itself was moved to that afternoon. The only people permitted to attend the game were the players parents.

This show of severe disrespect from highly-impressionable children, emulating a millionaire athlete based on lies and misinformation, appears to have been used as a platform to figuratively spit in the face of heroes. We applaud the three cheerleaders who stood up to their team’s nonsense and refused to kneel with their team.

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  • Jim Beam

    It’s a shame that our liberal progressive educators have turned many our children’s brains to mush making them nothing more than lemmings. I’ll bet if asked to state their reasons for kneeling most would be totally unable to articulate a response and the ones that do would be parroting the false narratives they absorbed in their mushy brains from the mainstream media……and that’s a story for another day.

    • Joan Curry

      Why do you blame the liberals?? My God man I am a liberal and I am as offended by this as you are. Truth be known this so called Educator is probably a Trumpeteer!
      Blamd the girls, their parents, the school and the superintendent but, dont blame liberals. We are all appalled at this sir!

      • It is generally a Neo liberal thing, wanting to ban old glory on college campuses, flagburning, America hating speech etc. etc.

      • Marty Ratliff Cornelius

        How about you name the correct individual, this has nothing to do with Tru,p moron, more like your LIBERAL commander in chief, you know the one the race baiter/divider. Calling like it should be.

      • oh my

        If you check into who is perpetrating this type of disrespect it is the liberals and liberal/socialist organizations such as BLM and the BP.

      • SteppyJ412

        “Truth be known…” is generally followed by factual information.
        What to give that another try?

  • twoawesomedogs

    STAND UP, you little bitches. If you were MY child (first of all you wouldn’t be kneeling because I would have taught you better) but IF you were, I’d have marched right down there and snatched you up off that ground by your EAR, for one, right in front of God and EVERYBODY, made you stand there next to me until they were finished, and then walked right over to each and every one of those veterans to APOLOGIZE to their faces for disrespecting their service to our country. Then I’d make you go volunteer at a VA hospital for a month. Stupid little brats.

    • Parenting at it’s finest. Nice to know there are still some of us who care. Thanks!

    • 726_Mom

      My son was only 9. He attempted to sit during the National Anthem. I STOOD him up. I planted him so hard, I seriously thought I could have almost broken his ankles. When the anthem ended I told him if he ever attempted to sit through that again, he had better have 2 broken legs… because if he didn’t, he would before the last note was sung.

      • waterblues

        You’re my hero 🙂 and you sound just like MY mom. WTF happened to parenting in ONE generation?

    • Brylar Foustark

      ROTFL…such a tough guy. As a combat Vet I support their right to freedom of speech. You and others are following the example of North Korea by wanting to force people to stand or sit when YOU deem it.

      You just keep proving utter dishonesty because the protest has nothing to do with the military and you know that.

      • So what you’re saying is, it has to do with the farce that is based on lies known as black lives matter? Yes I agree.

        • Brylar Foustark

          The reason you guys keep making false claims on what the protest is about is exactly because you cannot respond because the facts prove we have a serious problem with police brutality. Even when it is caught on camera the cops still lie:

          • John Wood

            Yeah, but the cops don’t lie because of race, they lie regardless of color or creed of the victim. It is a problem endemic in our policing systems, but to boil it down to a race issue is dishonest. As far as forcing people to stand during the anthem, it is nobody’s business why, or even if, you sit or stand or kneel.

          • waterblues

            Here it is in a nutshell – if blacks would obey when the cops tell them to stop, or not draw a gun, or put a gun down, or do whatever cops tell people to do, they wouldn’t be getting SHOT. Plain & simple. These blacks think they can whine and get what they want because people have been letting them get away with it for so long. Now they are accustomed to it. And it’s still happening. They wanted equality but they can’t act like they are equal.

          • Brylar Foustark

            Why lie? There are plenty of vids of cops shooting people who DID comply. Your racism is so obvious you are actually claiming non compliance justifies the death penalty. Dude, you’re sick.

          • Kevin O’Donnell

            Try as I did, I couldn’t find a single vid of a cop shooting a person complying. Please post the links.
            Thank you.

          • lois

            Well said!

          • Oh? Nope, facts are more whites are shot by police, more whites are assaulted by blacks than the other way around. You are a tool.

          • Brylar Foustark

            First, there is no database on all police shootings so there is no way for you or anyone to come up with that number. Second, it isnt simply about police shooting people. It’s about unjustified shootings so while Im sure you impress yourself tooling out stupid name calling you are just another example of someone that does not know what he is talking about.

          • Fah_koff

          • Brylar Foustark

            Nobody asked for an example of your longest post free of mommy assistance.

          • Seriously, was that supposed to be funny?

          • Brylar Foustark

            No, I was simply highlighting nobody asked for an example of your longest post free of mommy assistance.

          • You are simply a simpleton.

          • Dee Wheat

            Brylar is a troll. You want stats? There are hundreds of groups who will provide them. Here’s one of the top ones:

          • Dee Wheat
          • No it’s exactly as we say,you are in denial or delusional.

          • Brylar Foustark

            Yet you have nothing to back up your claim.

          • You toob “Colin Flaherty” and watch his videos, all the proof you need. You won’t though, you like the same old narrative, the one the media is trying to perpetuate.

          • Brylar Foustark

            You are such a weak coward your only move is to reference Flaherty and when it is pointed out his channel does not support your accusations you can then say I didnt look at the information.

            Cowards like you know how to hide without ever backing up your claims. It does not make you brave, intelligent, or educated. It makes you a Bush, Obama, Trump, or Clinton supporter.

          • His channel very plainly backs my assertions, run along little boy.

          • Brylar Foustark

            In all your little whines you still fail to post any actual independently verifiable information because people like you have nothing but contempt for facts.

          • Dee Wheat

            How about this protest? And this group is not the first, nor will it be the last, and yet ZERO violence from the protesters,who are only asking that their water source not be polluted or the graves of their ancestors not be disturbed.

      • oh my


      • DirtDiver

        Brylar..what’s your MOS Mr combat vet? Because these people stating how they feel and what they would have done is their free speech..fucking pog

        • Brylar Foustark

          67Y and yes they have the right to say how they feel. Do you have any idea how insane it is to tell people they do not have the freedom to sit during a song that celebrates American freedom?

          • DirtDiver

            Listen you pog fuck..stop telling people you’re a combat vet..that is reserved for the brave that actually left the fob. You are a fobbit. And no they don’t have the right when it’s based on a lie..the movement and their latest about the 4 refrain on the actual song.

          • Brylar Foustark

            lol….when you cannot discuss the facts simply make false accusations because let’s be honest, people like you do not care about life or facts.

          • John Wood

            Thanks for your service, ignore the hick who feels he’s better than you because he joined up for a paycheck as opposed to conviction for his country.

      • Jack Mehoff

        Brylar, the protest has everything to do with the military. So does the flag and the national anthem they protect. Take a knee somewhere else, at a demonstration or some other gathering.

        • Brylar Foustark

          Kaepernicks started the protest and he has only given one reason: police brutality. What does it have to do with the military? NOTHING. People like you lie because you cannot defend cops knowing the problem is nationwide. The best you can do is try and distract and even that is a fail.

          • waterblues

            If it has nothing to do with the military, why is that idiot Kaepernick kneeling during the ANTHEM? That’s so stupid and it’s not even congruent. He’s a tool.

          • Brylar Foustark

            Rotfl!!!!!! The National Anthem is a song about America, which is a nation. We have a national problem with police and use of force on the public.

            He didnt say a word….nevermind you cant be serious. Nobodys that freaking thick.

          • waterblues

            Right! Nothing gets by you, does it?

          • Brylar Foustark

            sadly, there is a chance you are being serious because when lying scum like trump and clinton are the two main oval choices you know your country is messed up.

        • Brylar Foustark

          Are you still falsely claiming the protest has “everything to do with the military?”

          Tell us how much you love America and freedom and how you defend that freedom by telling people they have to stand in a form of your approval to celebrate that freedom.

      • Dave W

        Freedom of speech that is distracting, during the symbol that gave you the freedom of speech? Arrogant.

        Hey, and why not sit for the elder abuse problem next time?
        And let’s protest guns the next time.
        How about drunk driving?
        What about those horrible people that facilitate getting heroin into this country? They end up killing tons of people.

        Let’s sit down!

        And how about all those hedge fund managers who keep stealing poor people’s money so they end up starving? It’s everywhere! I’m sitting. I don’t care if I look like a misinformed fool.

        • Brylar Foustark

          Nobody is stopping you or anyone else protesting those other issues. How exactly is it “distracting?”

          The arrogance and unbelievable idiocy of dictating people have to stand or have their body in a certain position during a song that celebrates the freedom to sit or stand is on you guys.

          North Korea forces Citizens to have their body in a certain position during their anthem. Congratulations. You are promoting North Korean Dictatorship policies.

          • Dave W

            Oh boy. I’m not dictating anything. Just pointing out when people are unclear on the concept. And when their method undermines what they want to accomplish. Just helping out the fool.

            And he’s a double fool because he’s misinformed about what he’s protesting.

          • Brylar Foustark

            When you dictate someone must stand during a song, and again, a song that celebrates American freedom, you are dictating.

            People may disagree about the extent of police abuse but anyone claiming it is not a problem is working a Trump or Clinton Colon Sucking starter kit.

      • David Reed

        It has do do with hating police like me asshole! I bust my ass everyday and get mother fu&@ed most of the time I’m at work by the community, then I go home and turn on the news and there’s more police getting ambushed or shooting a violent felony justifiable and I see more negative false coverage by the news. Walk and mile in my shoes before you shoot your mouth off dick

        • Brylar Foustark

          If you’re an actual cop Hillary Clinton is Michael Jackson.

      • David Reed

        They kids just think it’s cool, let me guess there from the ghetto

        • waterblues

          Not at all, most of Coraopolis isn’t the ghetto. It’s actually a good place to live.

      • sstflyer

        Another Stolen Valor ‘warrior’ speaks!

      • m.bluth

        Q: Did you see much combat?

        Brylar: I saw a little on TV.

        • Brylar Foustark

          Are you actually that thick? You’re critizing protesters on the basis of it being a deep insult to Vets. While simultaneously insulting a Vet by baseless accusations of being a liar. But I do want to thank for proving you dont care about Vets and are only exploiting their service to try and justify complete maze of false claims. Hilarious and sad.

          • m.bluth

            Maybe I’m so used to people telling me lies everyday that has made me this way, or its the 11b in me that has trouble accepting a leftist mechanic throw around the term combat vet to make his story seem believable.

          • Brylar Foustark

            It’s just the 11b if you dont understand how a 67y sees combat. I mean you really have….I mean did they give you a real weapon with real bullets? They probably gave you blanks just to avoid friendly fire.

          • m.bluth

            It’s the 11b in me that understands how a mechanic could get caught up in combat but calling yourself a combat vet, come on. I helped fix a car once, I’m not a mechanic.

          • Brylar Foustark

            Good point. I was the actual 67 Y. I actually served. I actually experienced it. But you go ahead and tell me what I experienced.

            You dont know ANYTHING about being a Cobra Crew Chief or various duties assigned.

            Tell you what, contact some of the AirCav units and tell their Crew Chiefs they have not seen combat.

          • m.bluth

            That fact that you say you are a combat vet tells me everything I need to know pog.

          • Dee Wheat



    • Pn

      My son played middle school football until recently in Bourbon county Kentucky. During the anthem one of his coaches did not remove his hat. I talked with him after game, giving him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he forgot. He immediately told me it was his “prerogative ” and he was not discussing it with me. He has the right if he wants while IN THE STANDS. However, while he’s represents the school and is suppose to be a role model for these young men, HE DOES NOT. Needless to say, my son no longer played after that night. As long as I can keep him away from from ignorant people I will. Schools need to wake up before this gets out of hand.

      • Smokeymtn

        The schools (at all levels in education) are complicent since the sixties and have been getting moreso as time passes. You now see the results of brainwashing. As to schools waking up, this stuff is already out of hand.

    • oh my

      I agree with you 100%! That superintendent should loose his job and the people of the district should see that it happens.

    • big_joe

      You read my mind!!!!

  • Lara Rae

    So disrespectful…these kids need to learn the meaning of respect your elders…

    • John Wood

      “Respect your elders” is a mantra created by people undeserving of respect. Earn respect or shut up. Although the veterans are worthy of respect and a protest around them is, in my opinion, in poor taste, it’s the prerogative of the students. The school can’t mandate their behavior when it comes to protected speech.

  • Deborah Basile

    What a disgusting country we live and what horrible parenting

  • firehiker

    #AaronThomas, the School Superintendent needs to have his ass removed for supporting these idiot kids. “Free Speech”?? After INVITING THE VFW COLOR GUARD?!? I would pray that if I had kids, and they were part of that squad, that they would walk away from their peers, approach the color guard, and stand at attention with their hands over their hearts. Bless the 3 that refused to kneel.

  • firehiker

    #AaronThomas says “If anything, it created a healthy discussion within the walls of our building”…HE’S AN IDIOT.
    “He can’t predict this will happen again at the NEXT home game”…..
    GET A HANDLE ON YOUR STUDENTS, YOU PUSSY. Our superintendent when I was a student would have HANDLED THIS.

    • oh my

      No doubt he is a liberal

      • Dee Wheat

        Back it up! I’m a liberal and if you look at ANY of my posts anywhere you will quickly understand the difference between a liberal, a conservative, and a fool. I fully advocate a livable minimum wage, health care for every single citizen in this country., beefing up Social Security and Medicare so that the elderly and disabled no longer must choose to seek care and pay for their medication in lieu of paying their rent and eating cat food. I believe that ultimately education is the only thing that will get this country back on its feet, and it’s going to take several generations.

        And for the record,BUSH WROTE WHAT IS NOW CALLED OBAMACARE. How do I know? I’m a retired medical health care professional and, unlike the members of Congress I actually read all almost 900 mind-numbing pages of it.

        Medicare Part D was his baby too. He just got too busy starting a war looking for WMDs that any high school freshman could have told him didn’t exist to personally cram it down our throats.

        • Dee Wheat

          Oh, yes…and I believe that people who are able should work and contribute a few dollars every paycheck that they won’t even miss to make the above possible. God knows I did for decades and it didn’t hurt me.

    • John Wood

      Can’t mandate protected speech, buddy. May want to understand the laws, keyboard warrior.

  • george orwell

    I’d make them each write a 5,000 word essay giving their explanation of what it is they think it is they’re protesting, and then another one on WWII, who won and WHY.

    • Joan Curry

      Awesome reply. George!

    • waterblues

      They wouldn’t be able to string 500 words together, much less 5000, to form that into an explanation.

  • Mixed Chick

    They could address their concerns by helping out at charitable events, trying to forge bonds in the community, or any number of things. Instead, they did something which should have gotten them thrown off of the cheerleading squad. I’ll bet there were plenty of people who tried out who would like to take their place.

    • Mary Rae

      True, maybe they can all do community service work with the disadvantaged people in their area.

  • Carolyn

    So much disrespect in our youth. I agree with twoawesomedogs completely. I would have snatched my kid up so fast. Parents need to teach kids respect.

    • James B Beavan III

      The parents of these kids don’t care and allowed the kids to do it.

    • Brylar Foustark

      You are the one disrespecting the flag and anthem by telling other Citizens they do not have the freedom to sit or stand during a song. The very song created to celebrate American freedom.

      • Carolyn

        This was done knowing the Veterans had been invited. Do you honestly think these girls really know what they are kneeling for or who & what they are disrespecting….Ask any young person what WW1& WW2 was all about pay attention to the answer, you will be suprised.

        • Brylar Foustark

          It actually does not matter if the Vets were invited knowing the cheerleaders were going to take a knee. The protest has nothing to do with the military or WW1 or WW2.

          You just keep proving you do not understand the protest and you actively seek to ignore the facts.

          How do you justify trying to enforce a North Korean dictator policy onto Americans?

          • Carolyn

            I understand fully what the protest is about, I do not agree with the disrespect against our flag and soldiers. Also disrespect of the venue. Protest your issue in the proper forum. What the hell does North Korea have to do with any of this,now who’s the idiot!!!!

  • David Clark

    Wow no right wing lean to this commentary. Might be one of the most bias articles I have read.

  • Bill Wright

    Public schools, AKA liberal brainwashing factories. “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” Adolf Hitler

  • whitecat31

    Let’s be very clear. These kids are practicing free speech and they are not disrespecting veterans. They are in solidarity with a minority group in the US, which is represented by the Black Lives Matter movement. This article is also biased and if it represents law enforcement, it is not doing law enforcement any favors.

    • Joan Curry

      What a crock….

    • CATRYNA49

      These kids were indeed showing gross disrespect toward the veterans who had been “invited.” It doesn’t matter what their feelings were or even yours or mine. If the veterans feel hurt or feel that they were set up for public humiliation, then that is the reality of the situation.

    • Steffy93

      Who decides what is disrespectful?
      Is it the person that feels they were treated in a disrespectful manner or the person engaging in that behavior?

  • Joan Curry

    This was undoubtly the worst show of disrespect that I have seen or heard of. This superintendent should be FIRED. Those 12 cheerleaders should be replaced. How horribly disrespectful to those who served and felt HONORED to be the color guard that night. My heart is breaking.

    • whitecat31

      Oh please. That is the worst show of disrespect that you have ever seen or heard of? How sheltered of a life have you lead?

  • whitecat31
  • Rich Bawol

    One of my kids or Grandkids did that in front of me, especially since I fought in Nam, there’d be hell to pay. I think I’d take them to the VietNam Memorial and make them write down every name.


    Such disrespect is shameful. It’s one thing to show respectful noncompliance, but quite another to invite someone to an event and purposely and publicly shame those whom you have set up For such a show of disrespect those 12 girls should be kicked off the cheerleader team and/or kicked out of school for a certain period of time. Also the principal who knew ahead of time what they were planning to do, should be formally disciplined or fired. So many in these younger generations, for the most part, seem to have very little respect for anyone or anything and they run around with their “superior attitude”, but in fact “ignorance” and prove themselves to be moronic fools.

  • Clariece Tally

    The cheerleaders need to volunteer at a Wounded Warrior event.

    • Steffy93

      I’d suggest some volunteer work at the local jail. Or maybe the local morgue.
      Perhaps some time with criminals or dead bodies would make them realize what cops deal with.

  • rider655

    what a disgusting thing to do, what disrespect, you are little bitches and need to be taught a lesson,,,GOD what is happening to our great nation

  • Brylar Foustark

    “It ripped apart the community, ripped apart my household”, Thomas said,
    claiming that he and is family had been receiving threats.

    Are you people proud that your hatred actually seeks to punish those who exercise their freedom of speech?

    You cannot be honest about the protest so you make it about anything but police brutality and then have the nerve to claim the protest is based on lies and slander. It’s based on freaking video like in the Floyd Dent case when cops beat the crap out of an innocent man, lied about it on their reports, and laughed about it right in front of him as they were wiping his blood off their clothes.

    There is no evidence the superintendent knew what the cheerleaders were going to do but once again, the utter disgraceful dishonesty of BLULM is more important than facts and freedom.

    It takes a special kind of hatred to tell people to respect freedom then demand they sit or stand when YOU want them to.

    You guys are emulating North Korea. Be proud of your dishonesty and affinity for dictatorships.

    • Ilse Shaffer

      Read the article. It says the superintendent did know they were going to do this and he still invited the veterans…even knowing they were going to be dissed. Please read!

    • Steffy93

      Threats are inappropriate. If you read the article, the superintendent said that he was aware of protest plans prior to the game.
      It seems it was the superintendent’s failure to address the issue that has caused the community to be “ripped apart”.
      When I was in school, if school officials had become aware of students intending to be disrespectful to honored guests (or anyone for that matter), it would have been addressed immediately.

  • Brianna Carringer

    It IS free speech; taking their right away to protest the way they did is against everything those veterans fought for! It is also VERY un-American to try and restrict those rights.

    • Steffy93

      Your argument is absurd.
      Free speech is great. Being disrespectful is not.

    • oh my

      They are at a school supporting event representing the school (NOT THEMSELVES). If they want to protest let them go do it on their own time.

  • Jack Reilly

    The super sucks also……….what a bunch of pussies for kneeling……little shits.

  • Amanda Ferrell

    I feel they should be kicked off the squad. To do something so disrespectful is such a disgrace. My kids wouldn’t haven’t an option and if I ever saw them doing some mess like this, I would tear them up on that field!

  • Larry Yelen


  • Debbie

    I don’t know who I’m more pissed at … the cheerleaders or the school district for inviting these Veterans even thou they KNEW they we’re going to pull this shit

  • Dave W

    This all goes back to Kaepernick, who just led the 49ers to a humiliating 45-16 loss to Buffalo. Kaepernick gave up 45 points! What a loser! He needs better training! How can he give up 45 points?! He doesn’t do anything good out there. Why is he being paid? He allowed 45 points!

    (Oh, I guess I know as much about football as Kaepernick does about police work. Maybe I should shut up.)

  • oh my

    NO,schools should NOT allow behavior like this nor should the NFL allow it.

  • So if kids wants to stand up, and say the pledge of allegiance before class, they can. Just ask the arse Aaron Thomas.

  • Mop_N_Glo

    Let them kneel or sit. If everyone would just mind their own business then this would be a better country. How do people get mad at the actions of others? Also military personnel does not fight for a flag nor a song. Military fight for America’s interest around the world. Corrupted government officials is what the military fight for… Get mad at the government not some people thats not important taking a knee….. And I’m a Veteran myself for out with an Honorable discharge

    • SteppyJ412

      Thanks for your service.
      Would it be appropriate if I walked up to an overweight person on the bus and said “You’re fat, you need to lose about 50lbs”?
      Losing 50 lbs would probably be a healthy move. It’s not illegal to say someone is fat. I have the right to say whatever I want. Free speech!
      But it’s also disrespectful. And it’s unnecessary.
      And if that bus was a school bus, it would be considered bullying and I’d get suspended.

      • Mop_N_Glo

        And you are right I totally agree with you. Somethings are just inappropriate and but why bash and trash talk people for what their opinion is. Everyone does not view things the same. So I’m saying why do people let others bring out a bad nasty side of themselves because of the actions of others? If someone is doing something that you don’t like then ignore that person. The best way for something to go away is to not bring attention to the situation. Talking about things that makes a lot of people mad is just adding fuel to the fire. Also the media is making up it’s own agenda by not covering why Kap is doing what he is. The media is saying it’s racist, the media is saying it’s a disrespect to the troops… No go and look up why Kap and others are kneeling and I bet that a lot of people will think different.. Open your own eye’s give convo though

    • Dave W

      They do fight for what you say. But they are also always on standby to keep anyone from coming here and messing with us. This preserves all the rights we have, and we sleep good at night.

      • Mop_N_Glo

        Yea i know exactly what they do. Im a veteran myself. Served 8 years

  • DirtDiver

    I would have thrown a drink on them..and booed them off the field..

  • disenfranchise

    I don’t have daughter’s, but IF I did, that would be her last game as a cheerleader or at all! If my son pulled that on the football team, he would be pulled from THAT game and the rest of the season! If he wanted to play post high school football, he would need to join the military academy.

  • Tiny Abbott

    If one of these were my kid I would beat it’s ass you parents of these kids need your asses whooped they get that disrespect from somewhere that’s called bad parenting

  • Tiny Abbott

    I don’t know whay anyone would follow that idiot to start with

  • SteppyJ412

    There is no reason that the superintendent should be okay with students being disrespectful.

  • Walt Young

    My bet is that none of them protest the government freebies they receive.

  • transplantwest

    Those girls and Colin are so out of line. Its incongruent to disrespect the country for issues within it. Then we should expel students for less than perfect grades. RESPECT BLUE & RESPECT RED WHITE AND BLUE !!!!

  • CQ

    The First Amendment says nothing about “freedom of symbolic acts,” or “freedom to destroy the property of others.” It should go without saying, but now it is evident that judges and courts have destroyed the first amendment by interpreting physical actions as “speech.” It should be obvious that the first amendment is about WORDS – speech and the printed word. Stomping on the flag or burning it is NOT speech, no matter what judges want to call it. It is time for congress to clarify the first amendment by legislation.

  • Brylar Foustark

    The real reason people are upset is it reminds them we have issues to tackle and too many cops beating and killing people across the country. Rather than be honest about the abuse people would rather pretend it does not exist.

    Since the evidence proves we have a serious problem with police brutality people do whatever they can to try and distract from that fact. That is why they lie and claim it has anything to do with the military. It is the same boring dishonest tactic every time North Korean loving dictatorship loving people cannot defend their position. When the invasions of other nations were being protested people claimed the protests were insulting the soldiers themselves because they could not defend the policies.

    North Korea forces people to stand in a certain way during their anthem so take a bow: ALL of you who say Americans do not have the freedom to sit or stand during a song that is all about CELEBRATING FREEDOM are promoting dictatorship policies straight out of North Korea.

    • David Gearhart

      I have had the misfortune of reading the comments here and watching you take the majority of the page to explain your North Korean based idea that this country is a dictatorship because we stand for the national anthem. This is time that I will unfortunately never get back! And as much as it pains me to lend credence to you right idiocy, I will say that you need a serious wake up call. Police brutality has always existed, it only has recently been thrust into the forefront by the media. Being one who claims they have all the facts, I am sure you’re aware ornate he Harvard study that was performed by a black statistics professor, who was shocked when he found that White people were killed by cops more than black people. So the narrative that you seem to be relentlessly pushing might be just a little flawed. Just saying! Now you being an attack helicopter repairer, I can assume that you’re a “reasonably” intelligent person (probably making a huge leap there given what I have read above) please tell me what research you have done in your own that hasn’t been force fed to you by the media. Warning! Any regurgitation of anything you have posted above constitutes immediate defeat. And as for the action of standing for the national anthem, in my presence if due honor is not rendered to the the flag that I have protected for the last 14 years ( and another 14 god willing, if only to give morons like you a platform for your stupidity ) be prepared to face my consequences. Not a threat, a promise.

      Your move sir…

      • Brylar Foustark

        ” that this country is a dictatorship because we stand for the national anthem.”

        That is where I stopped reading because I NEVER said our country is a dictatorship. You cant even pay attention to the simple fact I said critics wanting to force people to stand during the anthem are emulating the same freaking policy in N. Korea where you have to stand by law.

  • gale lang

    Everything going on today is so out of hand..What a load of disrespectful, entitled brats..

  • vjeanne

    Fire that man! What an awful thing to do to our vets, especially our elders. Disgraceful.

  • Me Jane

    “twelve of the fifteen cheerleaders took a knee” At least three of these impressionable youths have parents that taught them respect. It’s very difficult to not follow the crowd at that age.

  • Delakando

    We should find and kill this sorry ass bastard then burn down the schools he was in charge of.

  • lois

    When I was young, I was told to respect the police..I did then, and still do. I believe in law and order for a civilized nation.

    Those trying to destroy the police, are those that want total turmoil, chaos. Think, if we don’t have our police to press for law and order, we are nothing more than a third world country out of control.

    The mantra of the serpent seed/satan is TURMOIL.

    • Brylar Foustark

      If you truly believe in law and order you would be protesting as well. Just how many videos do you need showing cops beating or killing citizens simply because they can?

      Nobody is protesting the police for stopping violence or an armed suspect or someone obviously trying to hurt someone else.

      • lois

        You do have a point. Why isn’t the law jailing the violent protestors? By allowing these violent protests, encourages more violence. I have nothing against peaceful protests, but no violence.

        I support honest police, we need law and order, and good police.

        My thought is if a citizen is law abiding, commits no crime, there is no reason for their killing. But, if a citizen commits a crime, threatens the police, or another citizen, they’ve brought on their own demise.


    Many young people are copycats. They think it is cool to copy what makes news. They don’t really think for themselves.

    • Brylar Foustark

      That’s curious. Without ever talking to any of them you are saying they simply lack the necessary intelligence to understand the protest and why they would take a knee.

      I guess that is easier than admitting kids have a better understanding of Freedom of Speech than you.

  • Dee Wheat

    I’m the daughter of one of the first Marines to put boots on Iwo Jima. Had one of my children or grandchildren done this, they would have prayed for the police to intervene. There is no question that I would go to jail, but trust me, it would have been more than justified

    • Brylar Foustark

      What does your family have to do with Kaeper? You are so self absorbed in agendas you fail to recognize and appreciate how Kaeper has invoked the anthem and not desecrated a song dedicated to freedom.

      If you can explain the double standard of trying to dictate to others whether they sit or stand during a song that emulates and proclaims the very freedom to sit or stand, then please show us all.

      • Dee Wheat

        And why do you believe I care what you think about how I was taught, and in turn taught my children and grandchildren to honor their ancestors?

        You seem awfully angry for someone who does not belong to the one group who has more OIS deaths than African Americans. (Look it up, Google is your friend.) Difference is, rather than rioting and looting we gather around our young people and try to actually help them through the rough spots. We know it won’t work every time, but there is one way I can assure you won’t work, and that way is validating bad behavior as someone’s right because they’re_____, whatever that might be.

        To respect others one must first respect oneself. If you are publicly showing disrespect for someone who has done nothing to deserve it with the express intention of causing them pain doesn’t sound like self respect to me. But hey, if that’s what you believe is a recipe for success, be my guest.

        • Brylar Foustark

          “And why do you believe I care what you think…”

          Stopped reading right there because if you fail to comprehend how responding to me proves you do care what I think…..

          • Dee Wheat

            You’re absolutely right. I DON’T care. Want to know why? Because I can say quite confidently that none of my extended family will ever be shot by the police unless they somehow manage to walk in front of a round meant for someone else. I’m assuming from your attitude that you can’t say the same, and that honestly makes me sad because burying the young is something no one should have to do.

  • James Collins

    The author “Bolo” deliberately gets the story wrong, blaming the superintendent for setting up the vets. Police have one of the most important jobs in our society, yet too many — most? — are so defensive and thin-skinned. As for you readers who call black girls “little bitches” and brag about the harm you would inflict on them and other (including your own) children, you are a pretty pathetic bunch. I am an African-American and live in a community near the Cornell school district. I am proud of those cheerleaders and other black young people, whether or not they are athletes, for standing up for Black Lives. Yes, to many of you we are names that you only call us in private — but we suffer your suffocating oppression and racism EVERY, SINGLE DAY. We won’t go away — not EVER. And we will only stop protesting when you stop oppressing us.