CHAOS IN PARIS – French Police Set On Fire

CHAOS IN PARIS - French Police Set On FIRE

CHAOS IN PARIS – French Police Set On FIRE

CHAOS IN PARIS – French Police Set On FIRE

French police are under attack in Paris, this time from its own citizens. Violent riots erupted today as a “peaceful” worker’s rights demonstration quickly turned violent. Paris Police officers responded and attempted to quell the disorder but were quickly outnumbered and overwhelmed by rioters. One officer was set completely on fire after being struck with a Molotov cocktail.

One witness of the chaos stated: “Molotov cocktails are landing right on top of them. Police are getting badly hurt.” Radical extremists wearing black hoodies and face masks could be seen throwing the improvised bombs, together with bricks and metal bars.

A 19 year old protester attempted to logically justify the violence: “We’re here to fight back against a corrupt government, the police are trying to clear the streets, but we have every right to show those in power what we think of them.”

The riots continued to escalate almost so much so, that it could easily rival the anti-police protests of Baltimore or Baton Rouge. Rioters were observed vandalizing store fronts and just about anything that stood in there way.

Many social justice warriors have attempted to twist the facts and make it appear as the police officers were violently attacking the rioters. Watch these two videos below, let us know what you think.

Please keep these heroes in your thoughts and prayers. We have received reports of up to 5 officers being injured attempting to bring order to the chaos. Many protesters who remained peaceful were also injured by rioters.
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