BREAKING: Chaos In DC, Night Before Inauguration – 3 Must Watch Videos

 chaos in dc

Breaking: Chaos In DC Night Before Inauguration – 3 Must Watch Videos

As we previously reported, a group known as DisruptJ20, met at American University this past weekend January 14 – 16  for training sessions on how to disrupt the upcoming Inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.  The group’s name references the January 20 Presidential Inauguration date.  Multiple workshops were held during this training and experienced protesters were brought in by the group to train new protesters. It would seem that they are making good on their promises to attempt to ruin the inauguration. The chaos in DC has started and it is only getting worse. The three following videos are just a snippet of the chaos currently going on in the streets of the nation’s capitol.

  1. In this video, a group of “anarchists” gathered in a circle, blocked traffic, and began to shout “Fuck the police, anarchy now, abolish the police,” among many other ridiculously moronic statements.

2. Here you can see a group of protesters begin to throw objects at officers, thankfully these officers responded in kind with some refreshing pepper spray.

3. Finally, there really is no way to describe this one, just watch it…

We have been in close contact with our friends within the DC police force and other agencies that have responded to assist with the inauguration throughout the evening. Officers have advised us that protesters are threatening the live’s of the officers, the live’s of their families, and even threatening to rape their children. The protesters are surely showing their “tolerance” of others tonight.

We will keep you posted as we find out more about what is taking place in the city tonight and all through the inauguration events in the morning.

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