Wanted Fugitive Issues Facebook Challenge To Redford Township Police Department – They Accept

Michael Torino, AKA Champagne Torino, said that he'd turn himself in if the Redford Township Police Department got enough shares.

Michael Torino, AKA Champagne Torino, said that he’d turn himself in if the Redford Township Police Department got enough shares.

Redford Township Police Accept Fugitive’s Challenge

Redford Township, MI – On Friday, October 6, a wanted man challenged the Redford Township Police Department on social media and said he would turn himself in if their next post received 1,000 shares.

Michael Torino, aka Champagne Torino, is wanted on multiple outstanding warrants.  His first post replied to the agency’s Facebook post about a home invasion, and said, “You guys suck!”

In a later post, the Redford Township Police Department warned Torino that he would be blocked if he kept making comments.

“Michael, given your veiled threats to residents and officers on other threads, and your inability to engage in constructive dialogue on this page, this is your one warning. If it continues you will be blocked.”

Later, on Friday afternoon, Torino sent a private Facebook message to the department.  In the message, he said:

“Yeah I’m not worried about it

If you’re (sic) next post gets 1,000 shares I’ll turn myself in along with a dozen doughnuts.

And that’s a promise.

And I’ll pick up every piece of litter around all your public schools  let’s see if you can get those shares”

The Redford Township Police Department accepted Torino’s challenge, made his private post public, and said:


Mr. Champagne Torino has issued the RTPD a challenge. As you can see below, if we can have this post SHARED 1000 times, he will turn himself in to RTPD on his existing warrants, clean up blight on public school property, and bring us a dozen donuts. Donuts!!!! He promised us donuts! You know how much we love Donuts!

Help us win this challenge and clean up blght in Redford at the same time! It’s as easy as a SHARE of this post.”

The post received over 1,000 shares in one hour, and has been shared thousands of times more.

As of Monday, Torino still had not turned himself in. The department said on its Facebook  page:

“It is amazing the support we get from the community. Mr. “Torino” gave us a challenge. That challenge was accepted. He may or may not be a man of his word. It is our experience everyone gets caught at some point.

He has drawn a lot of attention to himself, and that makes it hard to hide from reality. The important thing to be seen here is the support of the community, and the desire to help. Our jobs would be next to impossible without that partnership. 1000 shares in just over an hour!While this was fun, it was also educational. Thank you. Sgt. Duane Gregg and Officer Mansfield.”

With Mr. Torino failing to honor his promise, let’s get his photo out there so that he won’t be able to hide any more.