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Video shows the start of the Edmonton terrorist attack.

VIDEO: Footage Released Of Edmonton Terrorist Attack – Shows Suspect Ramming Officer And Stabbing Him

Edmonton, AB – Video has been released showing a terrorist ramming a police officer then getting out of his vehicle to repeatedly stab the officer late Saturday night.

The USS John S. McCain was damaged in a collision and 10 sailors are missing.

USS John S. McCain Damaged In Collision With Merchant Ship – 10 Sailors Missing

South China Sea – Guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain was damaged in a collision with a 600 foot oil and chemical tanker east of the Straits of Malacca on August 21 at around 6:24 AM Japan Standard Time, according to a tweet from 7th Fleet.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer went a bit overboard in his coverage of the Barcelona attack.

WATCH: CNN Suggests Barcelona Is Copycat Of Charlottesville

In its coverage of the Thursday’s terrorist attack in Barcelona, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer raised the possibility that the Barcelona terrorist attack may be a copycat of the Charlottesville attack.

An off-duty officer rushed to take down on of the London Bridge terrorists.

Hero Off-Duty Officer Rugby Tackles London Terrorist, Is In Critical Condition

London, UK – During the London Bridge terrorist attack…

Video shows the moment that a homeowner responded to burglars by running them down.

VIDEO: Man Uses His Truck To Run Down Burglars Found In His Home

Surveillance video captured the moment that a homeowner returned home to find two burglars inside…

Police shot a knife-wielding man shouting "Allahu Akbar."

VIDEO: Dutch Police Take Down Knife-Wielding Man Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ – Warning: Graphic

The Hague, Holland – Police in the Schilderswijk borough of The Hague, Holland took down a man screaming the ubiquitous Islamic terrorist battle-cry “Allahu Akbar”…

A terrorist attack in Paris killed a police officer.

Details On Terrorist Attack, Murder Of Paris Police Officer Xavier Jugelé

Paris, France – Paris Police Officer Xavier Jugelé was murdered during a terrorist attack on police officers by the Islamic State that occurred on Thursday morning.

Two police officers were shot in a Paris terrorist attack targeting police.

Terrorist Attack In Paris Targets, Kills Cops

Paris, France – Two police officers have been murdered in an apparent terrorist attack Thursday night. Authorities are saying that the scene is still not secure at the time of this writing.

A Mormon missionary fought back against armed robbers, and it was captured on video.

VIDEO: Mormon Missionary Disarms Armed Robbers, Beats The Fear Of God Into Them

Two armed robbers got more than they expected when they tried to rob two Mormon missionaries…

Police Constable Keith Palmer was killed in the London terrorist attack.

What We Know About The London Terrorist Attack, Murder Of Police Constable Keith Palmer

London – Police Constable Keith Palmer, age 48, was murdered on Wednesday as he protected Parliament and Westminster Palace from a terrorist in London.

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