War On Police

Alien Gear Holsters responded after their Thursday morning criticism of officers in a gunfight.

UPDATED LATEST: Single Alien Gear Holsters Employee Responsible For Anti-Police Posts

After posting a third apology for what may have been a lone new employee’s comment on an officer-involved shooting, Alien Gear Holsters inexplicably started lying to people about Blue Lives Matter.

Alien Gear Holsters responded after their Thursday morning criticism of officers in a gunfight.

LATEST: Alien Gear Holsters Responds After Bashing Police, Blocking Blue Lives Matter

On Thursday morning, the Alien Gear Holsters Facebook page made a post bashing police officers who were engaged in a gunfight with Antoquan Watson.

Alien Gear Holsters posted to social media suggesting that officers shot Antoquan Watson too many times.

Alien Gear Holsters Bashes Police For Shooting Man Who Was Shooting At Them

Alien Gear Holsters made a post to their Facebook page Thursday morning which was critical of the officer-involved shooting of Antoquan Watson, suggesting that officers shouldn’t have shot him so many times.

Four Emmett Police Department patrol cars were set on fire.

Four Police Cars Set On Fire In Small Town

Emmett, ID – Four Emmett Police Department cruisers were set on fire on Wednesday morning, July 26.

Dorian Johnson (left) has filed a lawsuit claiming that his civil rights were violated because Officer Darren Wilson drove a police car in front of him and Michael Brown (right.)

Appeals Court Allows Michael Brown’s Friend To Sue Officer Darren Wilson And Police Chief

St. Louis, MO – A federal appeals court has decided that Michael Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, may have his lawsuit against former officer Darren Wilson and ex-chief Thomas Jackson proceed, despite some obvious issues with the lawsuit.

A Microsoft spokesman has responded after an officer said he was banned for a police picture on Xbox Live.

UPDATE: Microsoft Responds To Banning Cop From Xbox Live And Telling Him Not To Post Cop Pictures

Microsoft has responded after a report that that they had suspended a cop’s account on Xbox Live for posting a picture of a police officer holding a flag, and then telling him not to post police or military pictures to avoid a ban.

A Pearl police officer's home was targeted in a shooting while he was inside with his wife.

Police Officer’s Home Shot Up After City Councilman Tells People To Throw Rocks At Cops

Jackson, MS – Unknown suspects shot into Pearl Police Officer Alfred Jenkins’ home 30 times on Wednesday night while he and his wife took cover inside

A police officer was banned from Xbox Live for using a photo of a police officer.

Microsoft Bans Cop From Xbox Live For Using Police Photo – Gives World’s Worst Customer Service Response

A police officer was surprised after his Xbox Live account was recently suspended by Microsoft for the Gamerpic photo he used.

Chicago Alderman Roberto Maldonado has complained after Chicago PD officer wouldn't allow him to drive through a crime scene.

VIDEO: Chicago Alderman Files Complaint On ‘Rude’ Cops, But Video Shows The Truth

Chicago, IL – Chicago Alderman Roberto Maldonado filed a formal complaint against “rude” Chicago police officers after they refused to let him drive through a crime scene

PODCAST: The Baton Rouge Miracle

PODCAST: The Baton Rouge Miracle

America Out Loud Talk Radio –  Father of Critically Injured Baton Rouge Deputy Nick Tullier speaks to Blue Lives Radio Host Randy Sutton. In one of the most destructive attacks on…