War On Police

An Atlanta gym owner things he's doing something positive by excluding military veterans and police.

Atlanta Gym Owner Puts Up Sign, ‘No F—ing Cops’ – Tells Reporters: No Veterans Either

Atlanta, GA – The owner of the EAV Barbell Club has posted a sign that said no cops are allowed in his gym.

Alien Gear Holsters' CEO gave support to Lt. Allan's family.

Alien Gear Holsters CEO Helps Family Of Lt. Allan – Clears Air On Response To Police Shooting

The CEO of Alien Gear Holsters, Thomas Tedder, has done something that no other company CEO has done before after having an employee criticize the police, he reached out to help an actual law enforcement family in need.

An appeals court decided that a lawsuit from Ferguson rioters could move forward.

Appeals Court Reverses Lower Court – Allows Ferguson Rioters To Sue The Pants Off City And Cops

St Louis, MO – An appeals court revived part of a lawsuit involving Ferguson rioters on Tuesday, August 1.

Dunkin Donuts refused service to two NYPD detectives.

NYPD Denied Service At Dunkin Donuts, ‘I Don’t Serve Cops’ – Company, Mayor, Commissioner All Respond

Brooklyn, NYC – Two NYPD officers were denied service at a Brooklyn Dunkin Donuts by an employee who told them, “I don’t serve cops.”

Norman City Councilman Stephen Tyler Holman blames Lt. Heath Meyer for his own death.

City Councilman Blames Lt. Heath Meyer For Getting Killed

Norman, OK – Norman City Councilman Stephen Tyler Holman is placing the blaming Lt. Heath Meyer for getting killed while trying to stop a pursuit in July.

Baton Rouge Mayor Sharon Weston Broome is being accused of granting contracts as political favors.

Baton Rouge Mayor Grants $10k To Cop-Killer Supporter, To Be Used To Teach Kids To ‘Respect Police’

Baton Rouge, LA – Requests are being made for a special investigation into Mayor Sharon Weston Broome’s handling of the BRAVE grant program.

Proctor & Gamble is promoting a "racist police" narrative in order to connect with black consumers.

WATCH: Procter & Gamble Uses ‘Racist Police’ Message To Connect With Black Customers

Procter & Gamble has launched a new ad campaign which targets black people in an attempt to get them to buy more of their products. They decided that the best way to accomplish this was by letting them know that they think the police are racist.

Longview City Council Candidate, Megan Richie, lied to reporters about her encounter with police.

City Council Candidate Tells False Police Brutality Story, Newspaper Runs It Without Fact-Checks

Longview, WA – An otherwise boring campaign for Longview City Council got a lot more interesting after candidate Megan Richie fabricated a story about being victimized by police brutality at the hands of Federal Way Police Department, and the newspaper ran it with no apparent fact checking.

Nathan Cantino threatened to kill cops for taking his computer in a search warrant.

Massachusetts Man Threatens To Kill Police On Facebook After They ‘Stole’ His DJ Equipment

Littleton, MA – A DJ, Nathan Cantino, took to Facebook on Friday and threatened to kill police officers because they seized his computer and DJ equipment with “no explanation.”

A Pleasant Hill police officers was completely unfazed by a motorist's verbal assault.

WATCH: Cop Completely Unfazed By Profanity-Laden Tirade, Accusations Of ‘Raping People’

Pleasant Hill, CA – A video shows a police officer who didn’t have a single f-k to give while being blasted by a disrespectful motorist.