War On Police

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is being sued for saying that deputies would arrest wanted criminals.

Lawsuit Filed Against Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd For Saying He’d Arrest Wanted People

Polk County, FL – A lawsuit has been filed against Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd after his social media post to fugitives that they would still be arrested during Hurricane Irma, which was approaching the state of Florida at the time.

Judge Sallie Kim (left) let Deputy Bob French's (right) killer walk free just before his murder.

Judge Ignored Warning Not To Release Deputy French’s Killer – Then He Shot Three Officers

Judge Sallie Kim Ignored Warnings Against Releasing Thomas Littlecloud Sacramento, CA – Federal Judge Sallie Kim did not heed a warning given by an U.S. Assistant Attorney that Thomas Littlecloud…

Michael Bennett released grossly inaccurate claims about Las Vegas police officers.

Michael Bennett Cries Racism After Las Vegas Police Hold Him At Gunpoint, Then Truth Comes Out

On Wednesday, NFL player Michael Bennett released a statement in which he accused Last Vegas Metro officers of pointing their guns at him for “doing nothing more than simply being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Cleveland Browns players have been kneeling as a sign if disrespect to the national anthem.

After Cleveland Browns Kneel, Police And First Responders Tell Them They’re On Their Own

Cleveland, OH – Local police and EMTs have said that they will not participate in the team’s opening game ceremony due to a group of Cleveland Browns players who refuse to stand for the national anthem.

Juwan Plummer says that when he saw people outside, he thought he was shooting at burglars.

Man Shoots Two Cops With Shotgun, Gets Sentenced To Parole

Detroit, MI – Two Detroit police officers were shot when responding to a burglary call on April 16. Now, the man who shot them has been sentenced to parole.

Crystal Nobre (pictured) is standing up for deputies who were refused service at Davenport Ale House.

Davenport Ale House Refuses Service To Two Uniformed Deputies – Gives Horrible Excuse

Davenport, FL – The Davenport Ale House turned away uniformed deputies at the door, and the Sheriff has accepted their apology even though their excuse is absurd.

Phoenix Police Department is being accused of attacking protesters for no reason even though video shows them being attacked.

Phoenix Spends Massive Sum For Review After Protesters Claim Police Attacked For No Reason

Phoenix City Manager Hired Consulting Firm To Tell Police That They Were Wrong Phoenix, AZ – One week after Phoenix police officers used gas, foam projectiles, and pepper balls to disperse…

Vanderbilt Clinic Nurse Refused To Help Critically Injured Robertson County Deputy Sheriff

Vanderbilt Clinic Nurse Refused To Help Critically Injured Robertson County Deputy Sheriff

Nashville, TN – A firestorm has been created by the apparent refusal of a Vanderbilt nurse practitioner to treat a badly wounded Robertson County Deputy Sheriff.

Eight Chicago PD officers were injured after people started spreading false rumors on social media.

VIDEO: Eight Chicago Officers Hurt After Rumors They Shot Two People Dead; Nobody Was Shot

Chicago, IL – Rumors of an officer-involved shooting, fueled by social media, and individuals who refused to believe police officers, led to eight Chicago police officers being injured and a night of unrest and confrontations.

Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese ordered the removal of a pro-law enforcement flag from an employee breakroom.

Multnomah County Sheriff Orders Removal Of ‘Offensive’ Blue Line Flag From Employee Breakroom

Multnomah County, OR – Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese recently removed an American Blue Line flag from an employee breakroom after it was deemed “offensive.”