War On Police

St. Louis Alderman Megan Green wants to restrict officers' ability to stop rioting.

Bill Filed In St. Louis To Restrict Police Officers’ Ability To Stop Rioting

St. Louis, MO – A new plan has been introduced to restrict St. Louis police officers’ use of pepper spray for crowd control in addition to other restrictions on law enforcement.

Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue, the director of the Michigan State Police, posted a meme on Facebook critical of athletes that protest the national anthem and now some are saying she should be fired.

Calls For Director Of Michigan State Police To Be Fired After She Posted Meme Criticizing NFL

The director of the Michigan State Police apologized Tuesday for sharing a Facebook meme that attacked athletes who have participated in the NFL’s national anthem protests.

Senator Steve Nass wants the creators of this beheading video to be investigated for inciting violence against police.

Wisconsin Senator Calls For Investigation Into Graphic Student Video Depicting Beheading Of Police As Pigs

Madison, WI – A University of Wisconsin – Madison student has released a highly controversial video that incites deadly violence against police officers.

Pizza restaurant owner Chris Sommers has voiced his dislike for police.

Owner Of Popular Pizza Restaurants Calls Police ‘Dimwits,’ Accuses Them Of Terrorizing St. Louis

St. Louis – Chris Sommers, the owner of St. Louis’ Pi Pizzaria and ‘ZZA restaurants, has taken to social media to bash the police, criticizing their response to rioting in St. Louis.

Pizza Shop Employee Prints Obscene Message On Cop’s Receipt – Restaurant Gives Awesome Response

Pizza Shop Employee Prints Obscene Message On Cop’s Receipt – Restaurant Gives Awesome Response

Torrance, CA – A Torrance police officer who was disrespected because of his uniform at a Pieology restaurant doesn’t hold any hard feelings, just a question to the server about what made them hate cops so much.

A Jefferson High School student says he was suspended for refusing to take down the flag on his truck.

High School Student Says He Was Suspended For ‘Blue Lives Matter Flag’ On His Truck

Cedar Rapids, IA – A Jefferson High School student is still flying the Blue Lives Matter flag on his truck despite a school suspension and their directive to take it down.

St. Louis police are accused by the ACLU of ramming into a crowd of protesters.

VIDEO: ACLU Accuses Police Of ‘Ramming A Police Car Into A Crowd’ – Video Shows The Truth

St. Louis, MO – The ACLU is accusing St. Louis area law enforcement of unlawfully detaining and arresting people, excessive force, unconstitutionally breaking up peaceful assembly, and “ramming a police car into a crowd,” during the St. Louis riots.

John Jay College Professor Michael Isaacson is openly an Antifa organizer.

Criminal Justice College Professor Says He’s Antifa, Teaches ‘Future Dead Cops’

New York City – John Jay College Professor Michael Isaacson may work at a criminal justice college, but he’s firmly anti police. In tweets he called his students “future dead cops.”

Liberal writer Sarah Jaffe compared police arresting looters to white supremacy.

Journalist Reports That Police Arresting Looters Is White Supremacy

Reporter Sarah Jaffe posted on Twitter that police arresting looters was akin to white supremacy.

Tony Lepore is getting backlash for supporting police officers.

Smear Campaign Against The Dancing Cop Leads To Disinvitation From Firefighter Parade

South Kingston, RI – Retired Police Officer Tony Lepore, known as “The Dancing Cop”, will not be performing at this year’s Firefighter Parade because of backlash for his public support for police officers.