Video evidence shows that Michael Bennett's account of events was inaccurate.

VIDEO: New Video Provides Even More Proof That Michael Bennett Lied About Being Racially Profiled

Las Vegas, NV – NFL star Michael Bennett released a statement earlier this month claiming that he was the victim of racial profiling by Las Vegas Metro PD.

Video shows the moment that Eric Arnold opened fire on Sacramento police officers.

VIDEO: Two Cops Shot In Gunfight With Homicide Suspect – Shooter Gets Turned Into Human Sprinkler

Sacramento, CA – The Sacramento Police Department has released video showing a gunfight between officers and a double homicide suspect.

Cottonwood Heights Police Department released video of a shooting of a teenager.

VIDEO: Armed Teen Shot By Police Says He Was Reaching For Phone, Next To His Gun, To Call His Parents

Cottonwood Heights, Utah – The Cottonwood Heights Police released body footage of a teenager who was shot by police September 3 while reaching for his pants pocket while the officer held him on the ground at gunpoint.

Snapchat video was recorded of two suspects shooting at random houses in Houston.

VIDEO: Couple Snapchats Themselves Firing Guns At Random Houses In Houston

Houston, TX – Houston police are looking for the suspects involved in posting Snapchat videos of themselves firing guns at random houses in Houston.

A woman was dragged off of a Southwest flight after she claimed that she might die if she stayed on board.

VIDEO: Southwest Says They’re ‘Disheartened’ Police Removed Passenger After The Airline Asked Them To

Baltimore, MD – A video is going viral which shows Maryland Transportation Authority Officers dragging a woman off of a plane as she resists their attempts to remove her.

LAPD has released video of a possible kidnapping that occurred Sunday night.

VIDEO: LAPD Releases Disturbing Video Showing Woman Apparently Being Abducted – Victim And Suspect Not Found

Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles Police Department has released a video which shows an apparent kidnapping taking place, and the neither the suspect or victim have been located.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones led his team in kneeling for the national anthem.

BREAKING VIDEO: Dallas Cowboys And Owner, Jerry Jones, Kneel Before National Anthem

The Dallas Cowboys along with their owner, Jerry Jones, locked arms Monday night and kneeled before the national anthem

Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich says that white people need to be made uncomfortable.

Spur’s Coach Rants About White Privilege, ‘Our Country Is An Embarrassment To The World’

Spurs’ coach Gregg Popovich went on a broken rant about white privilege on Monday, and declared that “Our country is an embarrassment to the world.”

A Phoenix Police Officer is under investigation for allegedly letting an armed robber go and failing to report the crime.

VIDEO: Armed Robber Tries To Rob Store In Front Of Officer – She Lets Him Go, Doesn’t Report It

Phoenix, AZ – Phoenix detectives are investigating an armed robbery of a convenience store which took place with another officer present, in full uniform, but she didn’t report the crime or call it in.

Boise police were forced into a gunfight from 50 yards and had to wait on a long gun.

VIDEO: Officers Forced Into Gunfight At 50 Yards Without Rifle Or Cover – Take Shooter Out

Boise Police officers were justified in the March 17 fatal shooting of a man, according to Blaine County Prosecutor Jim Thomas.