A law enforcement officer, who appears to be a San Joaquin Deputy, was recorded on cell phone video running away from a violent suspect on Wednesday.

VIDEO: Suspect Attacks Officer – Officer Runs Away While Suspect Beats On Him

Tracy, CA – A viral video shows an incident between what appears to be a San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Deputy and a suspect Wednesday evening.

The Patrick Harmon shooting video has been released as the shooting was determined to be justified.

VIDEO: ‘Black Man Shot While Running Away’ Is Really A Felon Getting Taken Out Before He Kills Cops

Salt Lake City, UT – Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill has determined that the officer-involved shooting of Patrick Harmon, 50, on August 13 was legally justified.

The #NoLackingChallenge is like a challenge coin challenge, but with loaded guns.

VIDEO: The #NoLackingChallenge Is Possibly The Dumbest Thing You’ll Ever See

A video has been going viral with the hashtag #NoLackingChallenge. The premise of the video is that people draw guns on others to see if they’re carrying.

Body camera footage has been released from the Las Vegas shooting.

VIDEO: Las Vegas Metro Bodycam Video Shows Response To Shooting

Las Vegas, NV – Newly released bodycam video from a Las Vegas Metro Police Officer shows the chaos during Sunday’s mass shooting, and shows the officers running toward the danger.

A Crawfordsville Police Department officer fired at what appeared to be an armed robber.

VIDEO: Officer Shoots At Apparent Armed Robber – Turns Out To Be Movie Scene

Crawfordsville, IN – New bodycam video has been released which shows a police officer shooting at what appears to be an armed robber, but turned out to be an actor who was filming a robbery scene for a movie.

A Grand Rapids Police Officer resigned during an investigation of unreasonable force when he placed the muzzle of his rifle against a prone suspect's head.

VIDEO: Cop Forced To Resign After Putting Muzzle Of Rifle On Armed Robbery Suspect’s Head

A Grand Rapids Police officer resigned in the midst of an Internal Affairs investigation of unreasonable force when the officer put the muzzle of his rifle up against the head of the prone suspect.

A concert attendee in Las Vegas flipped-off the shooter.

WATCH: Video Of Las Vegas Shooting Shows Defiant Concert Attendee Who Braves Bullets To Send Shooter A Message

Las Vegas, NV – Video from the scene of the mass-shooting at a Jason Aldean concert shows one concert goer who stood while other’s crouched for cover.

Video shows terrorist attack at Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas.

BREAKING VIDEO: Mandalay Bay Terrorist Attack Video – Attacker Opens Fire On Las Vegas Strip Concert With Fully-Automatic Weapons

Las Vegas, NV – Video uploaded to social media shows the moment that at least one terrorist opened fire on a crowded concert at Mandalay Bay Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Video shows the start of the Edmonton terrorist attack.

VIDEO: Footage Released Of Edmonton Terrorist Attack – Shows Suspect Ramming Officer And Stabbing Him

Edmonton, AB – Video has been released showing a terrorist ramming a police officer then getting out of his vehicle to repeatedly stab the officer late Saturday night.

Bodycam video shows that Cody O'Bryan was fatally shot after trying to fire a Taser at police.

VIDEO: Suicidal Suspect Gets Taken Down With Headshot While Trying To Tase Officer

Las Vegas, NV – Las Vegas Metro PD has released bodycam video showing the fatal officer-involved shooting of Cody Leighland O’Bryan at University Medical Center.