Chicago deli owner Greg Morelli posted on Twitter about white people shooting white people and called it community outreach in reaction to the Las Vegas mass murders.

Chicago Deli Owner Says Las Vegas Was ‘Community Outreach,’ ‘White People Shooting White People’

The owner of a Chicago’s Max’s Deli made a joke about “white people shooting white people” and called the Las Vegas shooting a “community outreach” in a post to his Twitter account that has since been deleted.

Fired CBS Vice President, Hayley Geftman-Gold, has filed a police report over online harassment after her remarks about the Las Vegas shooting.

Fired CBS Exec., With No Sympathy For Las Vegas, Files Police Report Over Hostile Response

New York City – Now-former CBS Vice President, Hayley Geftman-Gold, has filed a police report with NYPD over online harassment that she’s received since her post about victims of the Las Vegas shooting went viral.

The #NoLackingChallenge is like a challenge coin challenge, but with loaded guns.

VIDEO: The #NoLackingChallenge Is Possibly The Dumbest Thing You’ll Ever See

A video has been going viral with the hashtag #NoLackingChallenge. The premise of the video is that people draw guns on others to see if they’re carrying.

Drexel University Associate Professor George Ciccariello-Maher blamed the Las Vegas shooting on Trumpism and white supremacy.

Professor Blames Las Vegas Shooting On Trumpism And White Supremacy – University Gives Lame Response

An associate professor at Drexel University blamed the Las Vegas shooting on “white victimization” and “Trumpism” in a series of tweets on Twitter.

Body camera footage has been released from the Las Vegas shooting.

VIDEO: Las Vegas Metro Bodycam Video Shows Response To Shooting

Las Vegas, NV – Newly released bodycam video from a Las Vegas Metro Police Officer shows the chaos during Sunday’s mass shooting, and shows the officers running toward the danger.

The Bronx 42nd Precinct officers are not putting their neck on the line after protests of police misconduct and internal probes.

Violent Crime Soars In South Bronx As Officers Stop Proactive Police Work

Police in crime-infested South Bronx neighborhoods are not doing aggressive or intuitive policing over fears they will get sued or be prosecuted, officers told the New York Post.

A Crawfordsville Police Department officer fired at what appeared to be an armed robber.

VIDEO: Officer Shoots At Apparent Armed Robber – Turns Out To Be Movie Scene

Crawfordsville, IN – New bodycam video has been released which shows a police officer shooting at what appears to be an armed robber, but turned out to be an actor who was filming a robbery scene for a movie.

Details are starting to emerge of what was in the hotel room Stephen Paddock booked in Las Vegas.

A Look At Weapons Inside Las Vegas Shooter’s Hotel Room And Modified Weapons

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock hauled 10 suitcases over several days up to this 32nd-floor room when he checked in Thursday before his shooting spree that would kill 59 people and injured more than 500 others.

Brandon Olebar was awarded $500,000 by the state for being wrongly convicted of a burglary. Now, he's back in prison.

Man Awarded $500,000 For Wrongful Conviction Goes On Felony Crime Spree – Back In Prison

A Seattle man who was awarded $500,000 for being wrongfully convicted of a robbery after serving 10 years in prison was sentenced to 3 ½ year in prison for drug and gun related felonies.

A Grand Rapids Police Officer resigned during an investigation of unreasonable force when he placed the muzzle of his rifle against a prone suspect's head.

VIDEO: Cop Forced To Resign After Putting Muzzle Of Rifle On Armed Robbery Suspect’s Head

A Grand Rapids Police officer resigned in the midst of an Internal Affairs investigation of unreasonable force when the officer put the muzzle of his rifle up against the head of the prone suspect.