Officers deliver baby roadside

Oak Grove Officers Deliver Baby on Side of Road

On any given day, a police officer may be called to do the unexpected. A police officer goes to work as police officer, but throughout their day, they are also…

Yuma Police Department undercover sign

Suspect Who Threatened to Kill Yuma Officers is Arrested

Yuma Police Department recently conducted an undercover operation to catch traffic violators. A police sergeant stood at a busy intersection with a sign and a camera, and captured people committing…

Ohio Officers Shoot Burglar and then Tase Him on Live News

Ohio Officers Shoot Burglar and then Tase Him on Live News

Early Friday morning, officers in Oregon, Ohio responded to a pharmacy burglary. When officers arrived, the suspect, 40-year-old Lewis Buchwalter, pointed what appeared to be a gun at an officer…

Gang member Antonio Perkins shot live on Facebook

Chicago Gangbanger Shot Dead While Livestreaming on Facebook

A Chicago gang member was livestreaming on Facebook when he came under a hail of gunfire. The man, later identified by Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office as 28-year-old Antonio Perkins, died…

Pervert firefighter Timothy Plybon

Denver Firefighter Arrested for Masturbating in Mall Candy Store

Denver Firefighter, Timothy Plybon, was caught masturbating in the middle of a candy store in an Aurora, CO mall. Children were present at the time. Denver Channel 7 reports: A…

Caesar Goodson

Case Crumbling in Marilyn Mosby’s Malicious Prosecution of Officer Goodson

Following on the heels of news that Marilyn Mosby’s prosecutors failed to disclose exculpatory evidence to the defense in the trial of Officer Caesar Goodson, Judge Barry Williams allowed evidence…

Detective's family in collision

Detective’s Wife Killed, Children Injured in Collision

A Greenville Police Department Detective’s wife was killed on Monday in a collision. Detective William Stoke’s three sons were also injured in the collision. WITN reports: The wife of a…

Jo Cox Shooting Scene

British Lawmaker Shot Dead in Gun-Free Zone

Early Thursday, a gunman shot and then stabbed to death a member of Britain’s Parliament. It’s reported that the attacker yelled “Britain First,” during and after the attack. Britain First…

Sydnee Murphy

Victim of Horrific Crime 10 Years Ago Shares Her Story

Ten years ago, Alfoa Time decapitated his wife in Nampa Idaho and then drove with her head toward Boise. Time then crashed his pickup head-on into another vehicle in an…

Girlfriend runs over boyfriend

Woman Runs Over Boyfriend When She Discovers He Has HIV

A woman was captured on security camera running over her boyfriend. In the video you can see the man on his bike when a Ford Mustang accelerates right through him….