Daniel Johnson is wanted for tying up a woman and shooting her while recording it on his cell phone.

Suspect Wanted After Taking Cell Phone Video Of Himself Tying Up A Woman And Shooting Her

Spokane Valley, WA – Spokane Valley Major Crime detectives are asking for help in locating Daniel Johnson, who is wanted after he recorded himself tying up a woman and shooting her.

Louisville Metro police fatally shot Corey Boykin Jr. on Sunday night.

VIDEO: Armed Robber Exits Building With Gun In Hand, Into Group Of Cops – Gets Lit Up

Louisville, KY – Video has been released of an officer-involved shooting where Louisville Metro Police Officers fatally shot armed robber Corey Boykin Jr.

A Miami Beach police officer fatally shot Cariann Hithon as she ran down another officer.

VIDEO: Woman Drives Through Crowd Then Runs Down Officer With Her Car – Gets Shot

Miami Beach, FL – Video has been released of a suspect driving through a crowd and running down a police officer before she was fatally shot by the police Sunday evening.

BREAKING: Texas Tech University Police Officer Gunned Down At Police Station – Killer At large

BREAKING: Texas Tech University Police Officer Gunned Down At Police Station – Killer At large

Lubbock, TX – A Texas Tech University police officer has been fatally shot on Monday night, October 9.

Sherin Mathews has been missing since October 7.

Special-Needs Three-Year-Old Missing After Father Kicks Her Outside At 3 AM As Punishment

Richardson, TX – The search continues for Sherin Mathews, age three, who was reported missing by her father on Saturday, October 7.

A prostitute who claims to have been with Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock for just over six months said he had violent rape fantasies and was a bad person.

Vegas Prostitute Says She Knew Vegas Shooter – Reveals Violent Fantasies

A prostitute who claims to have spent hours in Las Vegas with mass shooter Stephen Paddock said he has violent rape fantasies and told her that he was born bad and that “the bad streak is in my blood.”

Child rapist Christopher Mirasolo was awarded joint custody by Judge Gregory Ross.

Judge Awards Joint Custody Of Child To Man Who Kidnapped And Raped Child’s 12-Year-Old Mother

A Michigan judge has granted visitation and joint legal custody to a child’s father, who is a convicted sex offender who raped the child’s mother nine years ago.

Dakota Meyer has challenged Dan Bilzerian to a fight after he allegedly harassed Bristol Palin.

Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer Challenges Bilzerian To Fight, Accuses Him Of Harassing Bristol Palin

The Internet feud between Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer and SEAL wanna-be Dan Bilzerian is heating up, with Meyer challenging Bilzerian to fight him.

The Boynton Beach Police Department rescued babies after their mothers overdosed in a car.

Two Women, Who Met In Rehab, Overdose With Their Infants In The Back Seat – Then Cops Show Up

Boynton Beach, FL – Two Florida mothers who met at a drug-treatment program overdosed within minutes of each other, while their one- and two-month-old infants were in the back seat of their vehicle.

Delinda Jensen owns a Vegan food truck business and said she had no sympathy for "meat-eaters" killed in Las Vegas shootings.

Vegan Food Truck Owner Says They Don’t Give A F-k About ‘Meat Eaters’ Murdered In Las Vegas

An owner of a vegan food truck said that they had to go out of business and into hiding after the owner rejoiced in how many “meat-eaters” were killed in the Las Vegas shootings.