Dijanelle Fowler was arrested for the murder of her baby girl, Skylar Fowler.

Mom Arrested For Murder Of Baby Girl After Leaving Her In Hot Car For 6 Hours To Get Hair Done

A 1-year-old baby died in the back seat of a hot car after the mother left her alone for six hours while she got her hair done on a day temperatures reached as high as 90 degrees.

Joshua Salovich is charged with beating a 3-year-old girl to death for not answering math problems correctly.

Three-Year-Old Mississippi Girl Beaten To Death For Answering Math Problems Incorrectly

Jackson, MS – Three-year-old Bailey Salovich was beaten to death on Friday after she was unable to answer math problems correctly.

Timothy Lowe and Rashada Hurley are accused of kidnapping and raping a woman while the couple was on their honeymoon.

Couple on Honeymoon Kidnapped and Raped Woman Taken from Grocery Store

Hialeah, FL – A Georgia couple on their honeymoon kidnapped a woman from a grocery store parking lot…

Ismael Chamu was one of the two students arrested for vandalism around UC Berkeley.

Two UC Berkeley Students Arrested on Felony Hate Crime for ‘F- White People,’ ‘Kill Cops’ Graffiti

Berkeley, CA – Two UC Berkeley students have been arrested for hate crimes in connection with vandalism which included 17 slashed tires, and graffiti which said “F— White People” and “Kill Cops.”

Ezzie Johnson (left) and Haleigh Hudson (right) were arrested for the physical and sexual assault that was live-streamed on Facebook.

Suspects Counted Views on Facebook Live As They Live-Streamed Rape And Assault

Gulfport, MS – A Facebook Live video of a woman being physically and sexually assaulted went viral before it was removed…

David Bain is wanted to attempting to murder a Cumberland County deputy at his home.

Convicted Killer, David Bain, Escapes After Opening Fire On Cumberland County Deputy Who Was Mowing His Lawn

Clinton, NC – An off-duty Cumberland County sheriff’s deputy was mowing his yard on Thursday…

Cosmo DiNardo (left) and Sean Kratz (right) confessed to murdering three men.

Serial Killers Cosmo DiNardo and Sean Kratz Give Chilling Details About Murders

Bucks County, PA – Two cousins, Cosmo DiNardo, age 20, and Sean Kratz, age 20, have confessed and have been charged with the gruesome murders…

Video shows a crowd of people rush to the defense of a teenage robbery suspect at WinCo.

VIDEO: Store Robbery Suspect Detained By Store Employees, Other Shoppers Rush To Her Defense

Vancouver, WA – A video has been posted to social media which shows a a crowd rushing to the defense of a teenage…

Autumn Garrett was killed when gunmen busted in on a gender reveal party and shot up the house. Eight other people were injured.

Gunmen Ambush Gender Reveal Party – Kill Woman And Shoot Children

Two gunmen opened fire and killed one woman and injured eight others, including an expectant mother at a house party where the gender of the unborn baby was to be revealed, according to CNN.

Navar Beverly murdered his stepfather and posted a selfie with the body on social media.

Navar Beverly Kills Stepfather, Posts Selfie With The Body To Social Media

Bowie, MD – 38-year-old Navar Beverly is being charged with murder…