Criminal Masterminds

Marcus Pitts (pictured) shot a suspect who was running from the police.

Citizen Sees Man Running From Police, Decides To Help Out By Shooting Suspect Down

Newton County, GA – A gun-toting citizen, Marcus Pitts, was…

James McCarthy got to ride the lightning straight to the pavement.

VIDEO: Armed Robber, James McCarthy, Rides The Lightning Face-First To The Pavement

Greenwood, Indiana – Armed robbery suspect, James McCarthy, got dropped head-first…

Two Brentwood robbers are dead after forcing a homeowner to open his gun safe.

VIDEO: Robbers Demand Homeowner Open Gun Safe – Get Turned Into Human Sprinklers

Brentwood, CA – Two home invaders were shot dead by a homeowner…

Rapper M.Deezy and over 25 other men were arrested at his welcome home party.

Rapper ‘M. Deezy’ Released From Prison, Re-Arrested At Welcome Home Party With 25 Others

Coweta County, GA – A welcome home party for local rapper Mondell ‘M. Deezy’ Whitaker…

Calvin Carter looks like her fell down a flight of stairs during his armed robbery attempt.

Armed Home Invader, Calvin Carter, Learns That Having A Gun Doesn’t Mean You’re Not A Wuss

Chattanooga, TN – Chattanooga man, Calvin Carter III, age 22 picked…

Mark Thompson was gift-wrapped for police.

Armed Homeowner Finds Burglar, In His House, ‘Gift-wraps’ Him For Police

Albuquerque, NM – A burglar who broke into a home, helped himself to the…

The Haymaker Collective Antifa gym in Chicago is possibly the best thing on the internet today.

WATCH: Inside Look At Antifa’s Laughable Martial Arts Training Gym, ‘Haymaker Collective’

Chicago, IL – An anti-fascist (Antifa) group has opened up their martial arts training “gym” in Chicago called “Haymaker Collective.”

Andrew Passwaiter avoided jail time for a sexual assault after giving a wild 'sexsomnia' defense.

Andrew Passwaiter Sexually Assaults 15-Year-Old Girl, Uses Debunked ‘Sexnomia’ Defense, Gets No Jail Time

Bloomington, IN – Andrew Passwaiter, age 18, was charged…

Constable Tyron Davis was convicted of voter fraud.

Ellis County Constable Tyron Davis Convicted Of Voter Fraud, Lacking A Single Ounce Of Sense

Ellis County, TX – Constable Tyron Davis pleaded guilty to six counts of voter fraud…

Lawrence Ripple was sentenced to home confinement after robbing a bank to escape his wife.

Lawrence Ripple Robs Bank To Escape Wife, Is Sentenced To Home Confinement

Kansas City, KS – Lawrence Ripple said that he robbed a bank last year in order to escape his wife…