Criminal Masterminds

A couple was involved in a bar fight which has gone viral on video.

VIDEO: Bar-Fight Between Couple Goes Viral After Man Ends Fight Without Spilling A Drop Of Beer – Both Arrested

Baytown, TX – A fight between a couple in a popular restaurant was captured on video, posted to social media, and has since gone viral.

Michael Torino, AKA Champagne Torino, said that he'd turn himself in if the Redford Township Police Department got enough shares.

Wanted Fugitive Issues Facebook Challenge To Redford Township Police Department – They Accept

Redford Township, MI – On Friday, October 6, a wanted man challenged the Redford Township Police Department on social media and said he would turn himself in…

Marin County Sheriff's Office raided a drug house after a drug dealer outed himself in a hot tub.

Cop’s Joke In Hot Tub Turns Into Drug Raid

Mission Valley, CA – What started out as a police officer making a joke in a motel hot tub turned into a drug raid after somebody took him a little too seriously.

Highlands County Sheriff K9 Remco was locked in a closet with a wanted suspect.

Wanted Criminal Accidentally Locks Himself In Closet With Police K9 – Doesn’t End Well For Him

Lorida, FL – A wanted suspect made the mistake of his life when he accidentally locked himself in a closet with a police K9 on Thursday.

Tyree McCoy and Joseph McInnis were arrested for robbing a bar during a police retirement party.

Two Armed Suspects Rob Bar Across From Police Station During Officer’s Retirement Party

Woodlawn, MD – Two armed suspects held up a bar on Tuesday evening, August 29. They apparently didn’t realize that a retirement party for an officer was happening at the time, and that the bar is across the street from a police precinct station.

A carjacker was dragged by his would be victim.

VIDEO: Serial Carjacker Dragged, Gets Road Rash On His Dangly Bits When He Picks Wrong Victim

Kent, WA – A carjacker picked the wrong driver to try to steal a car from, when the driver of that car refused to cooperate and drove off down the street, dragging him along the way.

Joshua Witt was arrested for filing a false police report.

Man Who Said He Had Been Stabbed Because Of ‘Neo-Nazi Haircut’ Is Arrested For Lying

Sheridan, CO – A man who claimed he was stabbed because he looked like a Neo-Nazi was arrested on Thursday, August 24, after admitting that he had lied to police.

A shirtless and walked into a pizza place and pretended to pour gas on himself in a suicide prank. But another man pulled a gun on him.

VIDEO: Man Pulls Prank By Pouring Gas On Himself At Pizza Place – But He Was In Detroit So…

A man walked into a Little Caesars pizza restaurant and pretended to pour gas on himself in a suicide prank video that apparently went bad when another man in the business pulled a gun on him.

Judge Leticia Astacio made it one day without violating her probation.

After Vowing To Violate Probation, Judge Astacio Makes It One Day Out Of Jail

Rochester, NY – Rochester Judge Leticia Astacio is now accused of violating her probation after just one day out of jail.

Latoca Lashai stole an investigator's gun while she was filing a complaint against a St. Louis Police Officer.

St. Louis Woman Files Complaint Against Officer, Steals Investigator’s Gun While She’s There

St. Louis, MO – A woman who allegedly went to file a complaint against a police officer decided instead to steal the investigator’s gun.