Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones led his team in kneeling for the national anthem.

Dallas Cowboys Owner, Jerry Jones, Tells Players That They Will Stand For Flag Or Sit For Game

Dallas, TX – Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones made it very clear after Sunday’s NFL game that any player “who disrespects the flag” will not play.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was called a white supremacist and a Nazi for saying that blue lives matter and all lives matter.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Walking Dead’s Negan, Posts That ‘Blue Lives Do Matter;’ Then It Gets Ugly

On Tuesday, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, an actor who is known most recently for his role as Negan on The Walking Dead, posted a photo to Facebook and Instagram which shows him wearing a Thin Blue Line Flag Shirt.

Video evidence shows that Michael Bennett's account of events was inaccurate.

VIDEO: New Video Provides Even More Proof That Michael Bennett Lied About Being Racially Profiled

Las Vegas, NV – NFL star Michael Bennett released a statement earlier this month claiming that he was the victim of racial profiling by Las Vegas Metro PD.

Ethan Westbrooks has been arrested on five felony charges.

Los Angeles Rams Defensive Lineman Ethan Westbrooks Arrested On Five Felony Charges

Bakersfield, CA – Los Angeles Rams defensive lineman Ethan Westbrooks, age 26, was arrested on Friday night, September 22.

Odell Beckham protested President Trump with a 'urination celebration.'

New York Giants Player Has ‘Urination Celebration’ Directed At President Trump – Different Message For Military

Philadelphia, PA – New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr.’s ‘urination celebration’ for a touchdown at Sunday’s game occurred…

Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich says that white people need to be made uncomfortable.

Spur’s Coach Rants About White Privilege, ‘Our Country Is An Embarrassment To The World’

Spurs’ coach Gregg Popovich went on a broken rant about white privilege on Monday, and declared that “Our country is an embarrassment to the world.”

Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin wasn't happy with Alejandro Villanueva leaving the locker room to stand for the flag.

WATCH: Steelers Coach Suggests It Was Disrespectful For Alejandro Villanueva To Stand For Flag

Chicago, IL – As the national anthem played at the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chicago Bears NFL game on Sunday, one Steelers player ran to the end of the tunnel and stood, with helmet at his side, and right hand over his heart.

NFL players kneeled for the National Anthem but stood for 'God Save The Queen.'

NFL Players Kneel For National Anthem, Stand For ‘God Save The Queen’

A record number of NFL players are kneeling for the National Anthem on Sunday, then all of the kneelers who were playing in England stood for ‘God Save The Queen.’

A small group of current and former NFL players want the league to make November a month to protest police.

NFL Players Want League To Make November A Month to Protest Police

Four NFL players submitted a 10-page memo to the league’s top officials asking for “overt league support” and a month of anti-police activism.

Kristen Bell and a police officer helped entertain people at a Hurricane Irma shelter in Orlando.

VIDEO: Kristen Bell And Police Officer Provide Entertainment In Hurricane Shelter

Orlando, FL – Kristen Bell is an actress, but she is also a hero, for braving the wrath of Hurricane Irma and bringing joy and hope to adults and children alike at an evacuation shelter.