Black Lives Matter

A Black Lives Matter group shut down an ACLU director at a free speech event.

Black Lives Matter Group Shuts Down ACLU Director, Shouts ‘Liberalism Is White Supremacy’

Williamsburg, VA – Black Lives Matter activists shut down the Virginia executive director of the ACLU at a “celebration of free speech” at William & Mary College last week.

Black Lives Matter attacks Christmas.

Federal Judge Rules Black Lives Matter Can’t Ever Be Sued – Dismisses Cop’s Lawsuit

Baton Rouge, LA – A federal judge threw out a police officer’s lawsuits against Black Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter activist Deray Mckesson on Thursday, September 28.

REPORT: Russian Operatives Bought Black Lives Matter Facebook Ads

REPORT: Russian Operatives Bought Black Lives Matter Facebook Ads

Washington D.C. – 3,000 Russian-bought Facebook ads that were allegedly used to manipulate the U.S. presidential election included ads promoting Black Lives Matter.

A St. Louis Police officer is being investigated for posting on Facebook a meme that said Black Lives Matter was a terrorist group.

St. Louis Cop Under Investigation For Meme Calling Black Lives Matter ‘Domestic Terrorists’

The St. Louis Police Department is investigating a report that one of its officers posted a meme on Facebook that called Black Lives Matter protesters “domestic terrorists.”

The University of Virginia was founded by Thomas Jefferson, and now the students and faculty are calling him a white supremacist rapist.

VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Covers UVA Thomas Jefferson Statue With Tarp, Issue Demands

Charlottesville, VA – On Tuesday night, September 12, a crowd of about 100 Black Lives Matter activists, all students, faculty, and local residents, gathered at the statue of Thomas Jefferson on the campus of the University of Virginia, and issued a list of demands for the University.

Black Lives Matter leader, Chanelle Helm, wrote a list of "resquests" that white people give their homes and money to people of color.

Black Lives Matter’s List ‘Requesting’ White People Give Away Their Homes, Money, And More

The cofounder and core organizer of Black Lives Matter Louisville released a wish list that included asking white people to get their fellow employees fired for being racist and giving their homes and money away to black and brown people.

Grand Canyon University has suspended Professor Toby Jennings for his comments on Black Lives Matter.

Grand Canyon University Professor Suspended For Comments Critical Of Black Lives Matter

Phoenix, AZ – A Grand Canyon University professor who spoke critically about Black Lives Matter in a public forum has been suspended from the University after Black Lives Matter activists complained.

Black Lives Matter activists are outside of a police officer's home, harassing his family.

VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Protesters Swarm Outside Of Philadelphia Police Officer’s Home

Philadelphia, PA – Black Lives Matters protesters went to the home of Philadelphia Police Officer Ryan Pownall Thursday night, August 24, and posted live video of their marching and chanting on Facebook.

A car drove through a crowd of protesters in St. Louis who were blocking the street.

VIDEO: People Protest Police Shooting Of Person Who Was Stabbing Cop, Car Drives Through Them

A car drove through protesters blocking the street during vigil for a transgendered woman who was shot and killed by police after allegedly stabbing a neighbor.

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis was forced to apologize after telling everybody that a black man had been publicly lynched.

Black Lives Matter Forced To Apologize For Claiming That A Black Man Was Just Publicly Lynched

St. Paul, MN – Black Lives Matter Minneapolis posted a photo to social media of a man hanging from a tree, telling everybody that the picture was of a black man who had just been lynched.