5 Quick Details About Mass-Shooting At Cascade Mall in Burlington, WA

The Cascade Mall shooter in Burlington, WA.

The Cascade Mall shooter in Burlington, WA.

5 Quick Details About Mass-Shooting At Cascade Mall in Burlington, WA

On Friday night, a man entered the Cascade Mall in Burlington, WA and started shooting people. The attack was planned and deliberate, but a motive is unknown at this time. Here are 5 quick details about the shooting:

5. The Cascade Mall Shooter Appears To Have Acted Alone

There’s no evidence that anybody besides the lone shooter was involved in the attack.

4. Five People Were Killed

There were initially many different news outlets reporting different numbers of victims. It has now been confirmed that the shooter shot and killed five people. Four of the victims were dead on scene and one died later after being transported to the hospital.

3. Four of the Victims Were Women at the Macy’s Makeup Counter

Four of the victims were female, and one was male. The shooting occurred at the Macy’s makeup counter after the suspect went straight there and started shooting the women there.

2. The Cascade Mall Shooter Was Armed With A Hunting Rifle

Surveillance video shows the shooter arriving at the mall and walking through Macy’s with a hunting rifle in his hands. An image taken from the security footage was released (see above.) The suspect clearly arrived at the mall with the intent to murder. This shooting might harm the narrative that “assault rifles” are responsible for mass shootings, or it could just be used as an excuse to ban all firearms.

1. He Is Still On The Loose!

At the time of this writing, the shooter has successfully evaded capture. The suspect left prior to police officers arriving and nobody has seen him since. The identity of this sick killer is still unknown, but he’s believed to be a young Hispanic male. Anybody with any information on this suspect is encouraged to call 911 immediately before he kills again.