Captain America Sides With Black Lives Matter In Latest Issue

Captain America has sided with Black Lives Matter in latest issue.

Captain America has sided with Black Lives Matter in latest issue.

Captain America With Black Lives Matter

Various organizations have jumped on the Black Lives Matter bandwagon, and now the writers for Captain America have too.

According to Comicbook, creators at Marvel have decided in the past to address ongoing political issues such as the water crisis on Native American lands, or siding with women in the middle East who are trying to further their education, despite oppression from their male counterparts.  But these are real issues, and Black Lives Matter is a racist, anti-police, violence-advocating group.

In its latest Captain America: Sam Wilson #18, which was released last week, writer Nick Spencer and artist Daniel Acuna begin the issue with a guy named Rage, an black superhero who was arrested and ‘brutally beaten’ by the local police department for allegedly robbing a pawn shop.  Sam goes to see Rage in his jail cell, and sees that he has been ‘severely beaten and bruised’ by the Americops, a private contractor hired to police cities.

The story continues with a reminder from previous issue # 11, when Rage let his anger get the best of him after getting into a brawl with Americops that he witnessed getting violent with peaceful protesters.

Rage then tells a story about how he was walking home.  He saw two powered beings who had broken into the pawnshop and were robbing it. One of the powered people was a speedster, the other was much stronger than Rage, who was knocked unconscious.  Rage didn’t wake up until the police arrived, and he was instantly blamed for the breaking and entering.

As the story continues, Sam tells Rage that he believes him and offers to help clear his name.  An extremely experimental scientific procedure is performed on Sam so that he is able to ‘psychically’ connect with the birds of New York City.  He is able to go back in time and see who actually broke into the pawnshop.  He also checks video evidence and that matches Rage’s story.  However, Sam is hesitant to release the video because of the unpopularity he already has as the replacement for Steve Rogers.

Ultimately, Sam releases the video on the Internet for the world to see.  There is then a discussion of integrity and how Sam did the right thing even though it may have cost him popularity, and continued discussion over whether he is the right replacement for Captain America.  We are all aware of videos that have flooded social media within the past few years, most edited, that portray police in an unfavorable light.

Issue #19 will be available next month.  One comment posted on the web site about the new issue summed it up.  The comment read:  “So Sam Wilson supports domestic terrorism? Some Captain America.  Does he support arson? Does he support assault? Does he support looting and rioting and calling for dead white people and dead cops? Does Sam Wilson support burning down black owned businesses and ignoring black lives snuffed out by other black people in places like Chicago while going on twitter and cheering cops being murdered in their squad cars by BLM supporters? Does he support cops being sniped from rooftops like in Dallas? Does he support thugs kidnapping and torturing white mentally challenged people on Facebook livestreams?  Dang, Steve Rogers is secretly a member of Hydra and he’s not even this fringe.”

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