Former Baton Rouge Officer Caleb Paul Writes Hit Song Honoring Police

Caleb Paul performs his hit son Thin Blue Line

Caleb Paul performs his hit song “Thin Blue Line”

Former Baton Rouge Officer Caleb Paul Writes Hit Song Honoring Police

A former Baton Rouge Officer, Caleb Paul, took it upon himself to write a hit song entitled “Thin Blue Line” to honor those Officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Paul will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this song to equipping ballistic vests on officers.

Paul also recently lost his home in the Louisiana floods, so showing your support means more now than ever. During the floods Paul said, “I actually took a kayak to my house from the main road and swam in to rescue my acoustic guitar. It’s my livelihood and I couldn’t stand to lose that too.”

In 2013, then Baton Rouge Police Officer Caleb Paul, traded in his badge and service weapon for an acoustic guitar and a microphone. He took to the road and began performing his own music wherever he could with his band The Gillis Silo. In the wake of the recent Dallas Police shooting, Caleb wrote a song to honor Police Officers called Thin Blue Line. The original video quickly went viral and took on an even greater meaning to Caleb and his hometown when tragedy struck again in Baton Rouge just four days later.

Thin Blue Line’s wide-spread impact allowed Caleb to work with producer, and current guitar player for 3 Doors Down, Chris Henderson at Rivergate Studios in Hendersonville, TN. The song was released on all digital platforms on August 25th this year and is currently spinning on radio stations around the country. Just as Thin Blue Line was gaining national attention, a historic flood destroyed Caleb’s hometown of Denham Springs, LA and took his house along with thousands of others. In a statement Paul wrote, “even though five and a half to six feet of water took away just about everything I owned, my daughter and I made it through safely and that is what is most important. When I see so many families living in shelters and hotels, I feel bad for feeling bad. It’s just an emotional and helpless situation for so many that I am just trying to focus on the future”

Caleb Paul went on to add “having been here during the shootings in July and also being affected by the historic flooding in August, there is nothing worse than being ingrained with the desire to help but not having the ability. It’s what I felt and I know others did too”

Check out the song Thin Blue Line below:

You can purchase the song on Amazon to help give Caleb Paul the support he needs. It is also available on iTunes.