The Cajun Navy Responds To Houston

The Cajun Navy is responding to Houston.

The Cajun Navy is responding to Houston.

Cajun Navy Mobilizes

Houston, TX – The city of Houston is under water from Hurricane Harvey, the devastation is catastrophic, and now more help in the form of the “Cajun Navy” is enroute to help.

Houston city officials gave its approval to the Louisiana volunteer group to come and assist with Search and Rescue operations.  The group is made up of local volunteers and area residents who come together to assist when communities in Louisiana and surrounding areas experience flooding caused by major weather events, according to KPEL965.

They’ve been around a long time, but were officially recognized for their heroism and lifesaving efforts during recent flooding in Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

Louisiana native Warren Holmes told ABC News, “The true Cajun Navy is the everyday Joe that had a full-time job and had a boat at his house and then launched his boat at the side of the highway. I knew if I was the one who couldn’t get out, there would be somebody who would come and get me. We are a people that stick together, take care of our own.”

In the past, the group has often been turned away by emergency management officials because they weren’t “official” enough.  However, after their efforts led to thousands of successful ‘saves’, they are being asked to help by more and more “official” agencies.

On social media, Gary Davis from the Cajun Navy said this:

Gary Davis Hurricane Harvey 2017 – Together We Will Make It; TOGETHER WE WILL REBUILD:

“Okay Texas The Cajun Navy From Louisiana is enroute to Dickinson.  We have been given the GREEN LIGHT to enter your area.  This is what we need from YOU ALL.  We are here to search and rescue.  We are a well oiled machine but we need your help also.  

What we are looking for is addresses and CONTACT numbers of people who need to be rescued.  We have multiple boats enroute.  We try to avoid going on blind missions so point of contacts and names are a must if you can.  Please be patient with us we are here for you all.  GOD BLESS TEXAS.  We got your backs.  Post all needed info in comments please.” 

August 27, 2017

In a Facebook post from Monday morning, August 28, the Cajun Navy said:

“If ANYONE is willing and able to start mobilizing towards Texas with equipment- surface drive, flat bottoms, air boats etc to start heading towards Pasadena Texas, the central command center is staged at Academy sports and outdoors at 4627 E Sam Houston Parkway S Pasadena TX 77505.”

If anyone is stranded and in need of rescue, or knows of someone, they can post information in the comments section on the group’s Facebook page or Twitter account. All life-threatening emergencies should still be reported to 911.

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