UPDATE: Brook Park SWAT Standoff With Barricaded Armed Shooter

SWAT standoff in Brook Park.

SWAT standoff in Brook Park (Twitter/@derickwallerTV)

UPDATE: Brook Park SWAT Standoff With Barricaded Armed Shooter

UPDATE: The children were extricated. Adkins himself in the head and is now deceased.

Brook Park, Ohio – SWAT officers in Brook Park have been dealing with an armed standoff for several hours now. The door has been ripped off of the house, and the suspect is still barricaded inside and refusing to come out.

The incident started around 7 PM when Karl Adkins shot another man in front of his house. Law enforcement officers quickly responded to the area, and the armed suspect barricaded himself in his house with two children.

The shooting victim was secured by the officers and rushed to a hospital. The victim’s current condition is not known.

SWAT officers ripped off the front door to the house, and have been trying to use a bullhorn to coax the man out; so far he has remained defiant.

Officers on scene are in contact with the suspect and will continue to attempt to negotiate with him, so that nobody else gets hurt.

An armed barricaded suspect is one of the most dangerous situations that officers may have to deal with. These SWAT heroes are risking their lives to capture somebody who is a danger to the community. We will keep you updated as more information comes in.