WATCH: EMT Arroyo’s Murderer, Jose Gonzalez, Threatened Cops After Smashing Police Window

Jose Gonzales threatened police on video after attacking an officer unprovoked.

Jose Gonzales threatened police on video after attacking an officer unprovoked.

Judge Kirschner Released Jose Gonzales Over Paperwork Issue Before He Killed EMT Arroyo

The Bronx, New York –   At the time that Jose Gonzalez murdered EMT Yadira Arroyo, he should have been in jail for an incident week earlier where he attacked an officer unprovoked, smashed a police van window, and threatened officers. Instead, a Bronx Judge released the criminal without bail because he did not have Gonzalez’s full arrest record in front of him.

According to The New York Daily News, Judge David Kirschner of Bronx Criminal Court denied the request for $5,000 bond, which was based on Gonzalez’s previous history, and ordered him released.  The judge was also unable to view video of the incident (below,) released last week, that showed Gonzalez screaming at police officers after he had kicked out the rear window of a squad car.

Yadira Arroyo’s family and friends have been justifiably critical in questioning why Gonzalez was not in prison after 31 previous arrests. They have asked for the death penalty in this case.

In the February 26 arraignment, Bronx prosecutors argued that Gonzalez showed “disregard for a valid court order and for law enforcement.”

Assistant District Attorney Hayden Briklin asked for the specific bond based on Gonzalez’s previous four misdemeanor convictions, a previous failure to appear in court, and a pending assault case.  She said that he had tried to punch a police officer who was investigating a robbery and that the arrest showed that Gonzalez “cannot follow court orders and stay out of trouble and not get arrested.”

She also said that Gonzalez “unprovoked, attacked the officer” and then resisted arrest, and that it took three police officers to take him into custody.  When Gonzalez was placed in the squad car, that is when he kicked out the window.

Judge Kirschner released Gonzalez, who is also a Bloods gang member on his own recognizance.

Once again, a suspect who should have been in jail was free to commit a murder that never should have happened.

You can see the video of the aftermath from the February arrest below. WARNING: VERY vulgar language: