Homeowner’s Son With AR-15 Kills Three Home-Invaders

A homeowner's son shot home-invaders with an AR-15.

A homeowner’s son shot home-invaders with an AR-15. (Facebook/Burt Mummolo)

Three Home-Invasion Robbers Killed By Homeowner’s Son With AR-15

Broken Arrow, OK – The son of a homeowner in Broken Arrow killed three would-be robbers as they attempted to break in to his parents home on Monday.

Police responded to a home near 91st and Clearwater Drive in Wagoner County Monday afternoon after reports of an attempted burglary with shots fired.  According to the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office, the three masked teens attempted to enter the home around 12:30 PM.

Unfortunately for them, the homeowner and his son were home and armed at the time.

As the 16, 17 and 18 year old burglars entered the home through a back glass door, they were met in the kitchen by the son who had an AR-15.  Words were exchanged according to FOX News before shots were fired.  Two of the suspects were found dead in the kitchen and the third died in the driveway of the home.

A fourth suspect, a 21-year-old woman was also arrested in the area and is believed to be the getaway driver.

The teens were dressed in black and wearing masks and gloves during the incident.  One teen was armed with brass knuckles and another was armed with a knife.

“Preliminary investigation looks like it was self-defense,” said Wagoner County Sheriff’s deputy Nick Mahoney.  According to a neighbor, there have been break-ins recently in the area.

The homeowner and his son are both cooperating fully with the investigation.  Neither were injured during the incident.

Would you be prepared if invaders entered your home? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.

  • Penney Williams

    We have a pistol and a shotgun. As for the woman driver, hoping she is charged with 3 counts of homicide for her part in their deaths.

  • Lisa

    Hood Rat Lesson 101: Don’t be a thug if you can’t take a slug.

  • Vince


  • bws001

    Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight and don’t go into a house that ain’t yours without permission…

    I have guns, lots of guns.. But here in Canada I’m generally not allowed to used them to defend myself…

  • Terry Stephens

    Have a gun or three, definitely would be willing and ready to use it if necessary to defend my home. I pray I am never forced to..

  • jayded1

    I think its sad that you think teenagers deserved to die for a robbery.

    • ohdotell

      They chose to Rob. They knew what the consequences could be. Deserving or not it was their decisions that got them killed.

      As a result they (their families) should be responsible for the mental anguish of the victims. (Father and son and family)

    • John W Tynan IV

      Why shouldn’t they.. They could have stabbed everyone…f** k them, they got what they deserved…

    • Debra

      THEY chose their fate when they broke into that home. They came armed, faces covered….do you think they came for a tea party? They entered uninvited with criminal intentions. What if there had been 2 women or children instead of men? A rape may have occurred as well.

      What if it had been YOUR home, YOUR FAMILY? Still feel the same?

    • Conservative4Ever

      I think it’s sad that you you think armed thugs can break into a home and do whatever they wish to do. They came armed. Let that sink in for a moment. Most burglar(s) don’t come armed. That said, no matter what, a homeowner, under no circumstances should wait to see if any burglar is going to be violent. It’s usually too late by then to save your life.

      So you go ahead & be a victim & a statistic. I will defend my home & family. I will never wait to see what any burglar will do because I know it’s usually too late to respond if I did wait. Lead will be flying the moment another breaks into my home. The lead will stop when the threat stops.

    • Cynthia Jurden


    • grafixpro

      I think its sad that you think they have a right to something that is not theirs, and coming prepared to do injury to someone else with their weapons. May the next house broken into be yours, and then share your next comment with us.

    • Peekin-In

      If this had been your home and they came in, would you ask them to stay for lunch? Are you nuts? I sure hope you NEVER have to face that position in your home. As for the thug’s parents, great job, your kids didn’t learn not to steal/rob/break in at home so now they’re forever gone.

    • danimal09752

      No one made them break into that house. What would they have done to the kid were he not armed? He was in HIS home protecting himself and his home. You don’t want to risk getting killed, don’t break into a stranger’s home. I have ZERO sympathy.

      • Pinecroft Watch Assn

        I hope the homeowner and his son get the same support officers get after an officer involved use of lethal force. No officer wants to take a life, it changes a person.

  • Conservative4Ever

    I love stories with happy endings